Tuesday, July 31, 2012

38 Weeks

Hello all! I know, I have officially fallen off the face of the earth. Life has been a little crazy as we're getting near the end of this pregnancy. There has been tons to do around the house, I'm getting things wrapped up with work, trying to sell our rental (again...) and you all know how plans go when summer time hits - madness.

While I still haven't exactly decided what I'd like to accomplish here on HimPlusMe going forward, I have been missing you all terribly. I try to keep up and follow where I can, even if I'm not commenting! I had a couple emails so I wanted to drop by and check in.

38 Fricken Weeks. Wow.

Time has flown by and I am so beyond grateful for this little girl. We are mostly put together and ready for her arrival and now it is just a waiting game. We just had our 38 week appointment yesterday and are both doing well.

Besides some braxton hicks contracts, we've had not other signs that things are eminent - not that it means anything! lol I'm fully planning for her to remain on the inside for at least another few weeks - anything earlier is just icing on the cake.

She's an active little stinker, that's for certain. I'm currently watching my belly morph into crazy shapes and shake all around. Someone's kung-fu fighting in there.

One of my favorite parts of this pregnancy has been watching J. He's still nesting (currently the man is out sanding the deck) and is determined to make this house in tip top shape for her arrival. The cutest part is that he knows she won't care a bit, but he wants to be sure that he's not distracted by any of the chaos and gets to just spend time with her. He's had such thoughtful questions and has really been involved in every aspect. The man has only missed one (maybe two...) of our appointments this whole pregnancy. Don't even get me started on his test driving strollers and such. A-fricken-dorable. He's grown so much already these last few months, that I simply cannot wait to see him meet his daughter.

Our relationship has grown as well. While we haven't necessarily been down for The Maritals as frequently - thank you aching pelvis - he's been so loving an affectionate. We've been communicating really well and talking constantly. I am so so lucky to be blessed with such a supportive husband.

Something I didn't anticipate would be how hard pregnancy is physically. I mean I knew, conceptually, that you get tired and worn down, but there have been days I felt like I was in a car accident or something. My joints are not used to the strain (thanks to my lack of restraint, we're talking all 40 extra pounds of strain), my rib is still displaced - although not as painful as early on, and sleeping just means my hips ache. I've been seeing a chiropractor fairly regular and it has made a world of difference day-to-day. So, it's manageable, but certainly not something I was prepared for. Pregnancy isn't for wusses! lol

I cannot wait for the next few weeks to pass so that we can meet our girl when she's ready. I am so thankful for her continued health, and for mine.

I hope that each of you are doing well, that you know I'm thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts. If you'd like to connect, please do not hesitate to email me! Also, I promise not to hide Lily - there will be an announcement and photos when she arrives - Scout's Honor. (can I say that if I wasn't a scout?)