Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My 16th weeks started with something pretty amazing... movement!

For years I've heard people describe their baby's first kicks. Like bubbles, gas, poking from the inside... I was ready my week-by-week book and it describes the first movements has popcorn popping or a bubble (which is why most people confuse it early on with gas!).

"Popping" really resonated with me. For some reason when I imagined people talking about bubbles I was thinking something like carbonation (I don't know why...). But the idea of a single bubble popping is what struck a cord.

I lay in bed on Sunday nights, reading my pregnancy week-by-week book to learn about the week we have ahead of us. Then I try and lay there for awhile, thinking about our baby, talking to him/her, and generally just focusing on the good stuff. It's a special little moment each week.


Was that what I think it was, or am I making it up??

It's very faint and if you blink, you'll miss it. Two or three more times over the next few minutes, I felt it. And then, just as I convinced myself I wasn't making it up, the show was over for the night. But it was amazing! To me it didn't really feel anything like gas, but I can understand the confusion with all of the other crazy feelings/pulls/etc that you feel throughout pregnancy.

This is an odd comparison, but have you ever made a spit bubble with your mouth? Go ahead, try it. Now, pay close attention to the sensation your lips have when it pops... that's what it felt like to me! Just a tiny bubble popping in my lower abdomen.

I know it's early and that this will come and go, but I cannot wait for this to be a consistent and regular occurrence. I may never do anything but quietly lay in my bed again.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Consignment Fairs

I had no idea such a thing existed until a lovely coworker brought me a whole list of them in our area!

What is a consignment fair? There are a number of organizations in our area that organize local moms into these organized, high quality, garage sale like events. Except they take place in large gymnasiums, community centers, etc.

I've talked with a few women now that have come away with major scores from these events. Some of them are known for being more high-quality than others, but either way - I'm IN! I've even been able to get on a few pre-sale lists. I'm ready to sort through and find treasures. I'm all about saving a pretty penny or two where I can.

And, guess what, they start the weekend after we find out the gender of this kiddo! How awesome is that?

If you live in the greater Seattle area, I am happy to email you the list I was given!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poll: Baby Bits

Everyone has a strong opinion on the gender of this wee babe that I'm baking. So, I'd like you to officially share it!

I've added a shiny new poll in the menu on the right.

Go ahead, take a peek.

Do you see it?


Now go ahead and cast your vote! There is nothing quite like an afternoon voting on baby junk. Am I right?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

15 Weeks

...and a day!

I'm happy to report that I am off to a great start in my 15th week. My rib pain has been reduced to an occasional annoyance and I am barely coughing! I am taking that as a sign of positive things to come.

This weekend was spent with good friends. It's a pretty amazing experience to watch our extended circle celebrate this baby. We are so loved and are so grateful for the community this baby will be joining.

I've laid pretty low, trying to let my rib heal and kick the last of this cough. It paid off - for the first time, I'm feeling healthy and I am no longer nauseous. This week also marked the return of chicken to my life! I am thrilled to be expanding my menu choices. So, I might add, is J.

Now, I am off to make another to-do list before I have to breath into another paper bag. Time is passing so quickly!

Friday, February 17, 2012

National Geographic Boobs

I'm here today to discuss another pregnancy oddity - boobs.

While my boobs have gotten a little bigger, enough that I needed a couple new bras, but not so much that the new ones are the best fit just yet. However, the oddity I am referring to now is my nipples. First, it started with the actual nipple. I've heard they get bigger, but now mine are two, noticeably, different sizes. And while the color of them hasn't changed too much, my aureola are now puffy and huge!

I got out of the shower today and was standing in front of the mirror (notice a theme this week? I've got to stop this self inspection!). J happened to be in the bathroom with me and was there to witness when I looked down and said, "Sweet baby Jesus my nipples are huge!"

After he stopped laughing, he agreed.

While I know they will continue to change, they already look like something straight from National Geographic.

I'm glad we had this talk, I'm feeling much closer already.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Steps in the right direction (and peach fuzz).

Things are looking up. I've seen the chiropractor some more and I feel like I'm making some progress. I'm not healed, but I'm feeling better and more mobile. The coughing is slowing down quite a bit and that helps a ton.

I am taking it very easy, trying to stay down a lot, and icing like a good patient. So long as we keeping moving in a good direction, I think I will be okay. The backwards steps were sending me into a bit of a tailspin, that's for sure.

But boy am I ready to be able to breath again without stress or pain!

The one things this has done well is serve as a distraction. I can't very well sit around and be impatient for my next appointment while I'm too busy nursing myself back to health. Time is passing quickly and I'm grateful to get to see our babe in just a couple more weeks. I'm so happy to start to see my belly grow. I will say that it is a bit odd to see without feeling anything though! I'm looking forward to continuing to see my body change.

With one exception - am I the only one getting a hairy belly!?

I got out of the shower last night and smiled down at my little bump. It was a nice little moment until I caught my peach fuzz in the bright bathroom light. My whole stomach is covered in it! I say peach fuzz, but I think everyone has little hairs, these are getting longer! (I am horrible at guessing length, but maybe 1/4"??) They're blond, and fine, but still! Please tell me this is a crazy phase and I won't have to shave my belly or something insane.

With that cheerie little visual, I am going to bid you adieu. Back to kicking back on the sofa and watching some DVR. Perhaps a Big Bang? Or a Modern Family? I could use a good chuckle or 5.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm Cranky and Sad.

I feel guilty even talking about not being all rainbows and unicorn farts during this pregnancy. My mind keeps going to this place of, "if I complain, people may think I don't appreciate this miracle I have." But, dammit, I hurt. I'm still coughing. And now I'm either getting a cold or my allergies have come early and in full force.

I had my second appointment with the chiropractor today. He gave me a good work over, adjusted my ribs again, as well as my neck and hips. Unfortunately, he said that he may not be able to give me a permanent fix until after I give birth. Are you kidding me!?

During pregnancy our bodies produce the hormone Relaxin. Its purpose is to help loosen your joints and ligaments to give birth. Makes sense. Unfortunately it isn't exclusive to your pelvis. So, while we work to put everything back, my body is fighting against it and is preferring to stay all 'loosey goosey'. Awwwweeeesome. I have one more visit tomorrow and then I'll probably see him as needed until I deliver. Just as I feel uncomfortable.

I got home, relaxed on the couch, and then I coughed - POP.


I cried.

I'm tired. I'm tired of coughing, and now sneezing. I'm tired of this pain. Of not being able to take a deep breath. Even my crying hurt my ribs too bad. It has subsided a bit, but damn. I'm really frustrated! How can my bones rest and get better when I'm jostling them around every 5 minutes?

I'm supposed to be starting to feel better. My nausea has all but subsided (I have my days...) and I'm getting to where I should be feeling good! I feel like I'm missing out. I cannot relax or enjoy this time because I'm mopey, sick, and in pain. Not to mention today is Valentines Day! How fun is a crying wife? Add guilt to my list of things to mope about.

I'm confident things will get better. I'm confident in my chiropractor. What I'm not confident in is the time frame with which this will all take place.

I'm a woman on the edge.

Monday, February 13, 2012

14 Weeks

I'm sorry that I've been MIA this week. My second trimester is off to a bit of a rough start. Nothing baby related, thank goodness, but I've been dealing with a misplaced rib. Yup, I managed to cough the sucker loose! It hurts like a mother and every time I breathe too deep or cough now, I get jabbed. YOWCH! I was able to get my first treatment with a new chiropractor today and I go back tomorrow. (Good Valentine's Day date, no?) Let's hope that gets me all fixed up! I'm ready to get back to just the regular ol' pregnancy ailments and officially ditch this leftover pneumonia garbage!

Even with a cranky rib, this week hasn't been all bad! We started cleaning out our extra bedrooms this weekend. Starting first with our "office" so that we can make room and clean out the nursery. Major donating, shredding, and organization is happening! It feels great to be taking a few steps toward getting things together.

The other great news, I'm finally starting to get a wee bump and I'm fairly certain at this point it isn't just bloat!! When taking my first belly photo, I really wanted to do it up right. Unfortunately, with the aforementioned rib, my chiropractor appointment today, and a long day at work - it was already dark outside. No good lighting and a tired/sore pregnant chick, means you're getting the no makeup version! Going forward, we'll see about snazzing them up a bit.

Without further ado - my first belly photo at 14 weeks.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My new favorites.

This weekend I got to experience a lovely first - maternity shopping! The Mama and I first struck out at a couple consignment stores before we ended up at Motherhood Maternity. Honestly, I know it is a mall staple, but I have never even been in the store before. We had a great time! The woman who helped us was fantastic. She and my mom basically threw me in a room and oohed and ahhhed over my outfits. It was so fun and an experience I will never forget. It really is the little things.

Now, I don't need maternity clothes every day. Mostly it was my very fitted slacks for work that aren't very forgiving. Some days I'm okay and others I'm miserable. Got to love the inconsistent bloat. So, what started as a trip for bras and work pants turned into a quite the shopping trip, a few pants, a dress, bras, and a few shirts... crazy! But, I know I will put it all to great use. They're excellent staples that can be mixed and matched for other outfits.

My first new favorite thing in the universe - maternity pants! Seriously WHY do all pants not have a giant ass panel in them?! I am glad I broke down and got them even though I probably could have stretched out my regular pants a little longer. I am so much more comfortable!

My mom surprised me and purchased my second favorite thing in the universe - my new Snoogle. Oh. Em. Gee. For those that don't know, the Snoogle is a giant body pillow of awesomeness. My first night with Tony Danza, yes I name my Snoogle Tony Danza, was the greatest I have slept in weeks. Splurge and buy one - all of you.

Why Tony Danza?

Well, I am kind of a dork (hold your shocked reactions!) and really enjoy messing up song lyrics to accommodate my whims. So, when I hear songs that have commonly misunderstood/misquoted lyrics - I never sing them the right way again.

You've heard the Elton John song Tiny Dancer, right? Well, it is commonly known to be mis-quoted... instead of 'Hold me closer tiny dancer', people - including yours truly - sing 'hold me closer Tony Danza'. It's been happening for years, Elton might as well just change it officially.

Fast forward to Saturday, when I got my Snoogle home and unleashed from its packaging. I snuggled right into that glorious pillow and sang, "Hold me closer, Tony Danza...' And that was it, he was named. Now, in our bed at night is just me and my two favorite men. Jeremy and Tony Danza. So, I hope you'll excuse me while I go to bed at 5:15, Tony's missed me while I was at work.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Out of the Closet

We had out 12 Week checkup and NT scan today and it went beautifully. Babe is measuring perfectly, things are looking great, and the measurements from the scan (NT) were excellent.

J and I agreed that so long as all was going well, after this appointment, we would go public. We couldn't be home for more than 20 minutes before we started talking about it.

I have debated a great deal about whether or not we would make an announcement on Facebook. While I was hesitant, Jeremy was insistent. We agreed that we're going to keep the pregnancy talk to a minimum, but because he felt so strongly about out stepping out on Facebook, we decided now was the time. We did learn of another friend that has been having trouble conceiving and also had a miscarriage. It is for those friends, and those that we don't even know of, that I really want to be respectful.

We've gotten such phenomenal feedback. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and support. It's starting to feel real!

Here is the photo we shared with our family and friends on Facebook:Such a cutie already!