Friday, February 17, 2012

National Geographic Boobs

I'm here today to discuss another pregnancy oddity - boobs.

While my boobs have gotten a little bigger, enough that I needed a couple new bras, but not so much that the new ones are the best fit just yet. However, the oddity I am referring to now is my nipples. First, it started with the actual nipple. I've heard they get bigger, but now mine are two, noticeably, different sizes. And while the color of them hasn't changed too much, my aureola are now puffy and huge!

I got out of the shower today and was standing in front of the mirror (notice a theme this week? I've got to stop this self inspection!). J happened to be in the bathroom with me and was there to witness when I looked down and said, "Sweet baby Jesus my nipples are huge!"

After he stopped laughing, he agreed.

While I know they will continue to change, they already look like something straight from National Geographic.

I'm glad we had this talk, I'm feeling much closer already.


  1. hahaha! I have this secret fear of watching my dearest face when he sees such changes begin to occur. I know in my heart that he will laugh right along with me and not care but I have this crazy picture of him running screaming from the room.

  2. Yeah, that happens. It's a bit disconcerting isn't it?