Monday, February 6, 2012

My new favorites.

This weekend I got to experience a lovely first - maternity shopping! The Mama and I first struck out at a couple consignment stores before we ended up at Motherhood Maternity. Honestly, I know it is a mall staple, but I have never even been in the store before. We had a great time! The woman who helped us was fantastic. She and my mom basically threw me in a room and oohed and ahhhed over my outfits. It was so fun and an experience I will never forget. It really is the little things.

Now, I don't need maternity clothes every day. Mostly it was my very fitted slacks for work that aren't very forgiving. Some days I'm okay and others I'm miserable. Got to love the inconsistent bloat. So, what started as a trip for bras and work pants turned into a quite the shopping trip, a few pants, a dress, bras, and a few shirts... crazy! But, I know I will put it all to great use. They're excellent staples that can be mixed and matched for other outfits.

My first new favorite thing in the universe - maternity pants! Seriously WHY do all pants not have a giant ass panel in them?! I am glad I broke down and got them even though I probably could have stretched out my regular pants a little longer. I am so much more comfortable!

My mom surprised me and purchased my second favorite thing in the universe - my new Snoogle. Oh. Em. Gee. For those that don't know, the Snoogle is a giant body pillow of awesomeness. My first night with Tony Danza, yes I name my Snoogle Tony Danza, was the greatest I have slept in weeks. Splurge and buy one - all of you.

Why Tony Danza?

Well, I am kind of a dork (hold your shocked reactions!) and really enjoy messing up song lyrics to accommodate my whims. So, when I hear songs that have commonly misunderstood/misquoted lyrics - I never sing them the right way again.

You've heard the Elton John song Tiny Dancer, right? Well, it is commonly known to be mis-quoted... instead of 'Hold me closer tiny dancer', people - including yours truly - sing 'hold me closer Tony Danza'. It's been happening for years, Elton might as well just change it officially.

Fast forward to Saturday, when I got my Snoogle home and unleashed from its packaging. I snuggled right into that glorious pillow and sang, "Hold me closer, Tony Danza...' And that was it, he was named. Now, in our bed at night is just me and my two favorite men. Jeremy and Tony Danza. So, I hope you'll excuse me while I go to bed at 5:15, Tony's missed me while I was at work.


  1. Oooh - I lOOOOVED my snoogle as well. So glad you finally got one!

  2. My husband is convinced he is going to have to hide the maternity pants when these babies are born... I may love them a little too much :)

  3. Maternity pants are insanely comfortable - I'm not sure why we don't all wear them pregnant or not.
    And I love that you named your pillow Tony Danza. Classic.

  4. I love maternity pants, they are the bomb! Make sure Jeremy doesn't steal your Tony Danza, like my husband did!