Thursday, February 16, 2012

Steps in the right direction (and peach fuzz).

Things are looking up. I've seen the chiropractor some more and I feel like I'm making some progress. I'm not healed, but I'm feeling better and more mobile. The coughing is slowing down quite a bit and that helps a ton.

I am taking it very easy, trying to stay down a lot, and icing like a good patient. So long as we keeping moving in a good direction, I think I will be okay. The backwards steps were sending me into a bit of a tailspin, that's for sure.

But boy am I ready to be able to breath again without stress or pain!

The one things this has done well is serve as a distraction. I can't very well sit around and be impatient for my next appointment while I'm too busy nursing myself back to health. Time is passing quickly and I'm grateful to get to see our babe in just a couple more weeks. I'm so happy to start to see my belly grow. I will say that it is a bit odd to see without feeling anything though! I'm looking forward to continuing to see my body change.

With one exception - am I the only one getting a hairy belly!?

I got out of the shower last night and smiled down at my little bump. It was a nice little moment until I caught my peach fuzz in the bright bathroom light. My whole stomach is covered in it! I say peach fuzz, but I think everyone has little hairs, these are getting longer! (I am horrible at guessing length, but maybe 1/4"??) They're blond, and fine, but still! Please tell me this is a crazy phase and I won't have to shave my belly or something insane.

With that cheerie little visual, I am going to bid you adieu. Back to kicking back on the sofa and watching some DVR. Perhaps a Big Bang? Or a Modern Family? I could use a good chuckle or 5.


  1. Glad there is some progress being made :) Ohhhh dont even get me going on "peach fuzz." I am a gorilla. I made the mistake of shaving my belly and now it just grows back thicker and gross! Pregnancy had made me disgusting. But it will all be so worth it :)

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better!!

  3. Dont shave it! It WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE! lol

  4. Mine did that too . . . although I think that hair was always there and my skin stretching just made them stick out. It went away when I had Orion but now in its place my stomach looks like a grandmother's ass. Its totally worth whatever hairy/wrinkly problem you walk away with - but I know you know that :-)