Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo's and Boobies

Just two quick notes today.

Prior to my 8 years of BC my PMS symptoms were generally just cramps and moodiness. Post BC, and especially the last couple of months, my boobs f'ing HURT. When I run up my stairs, I hold myself tight against my chest (I thought you might like that visual. ;) lol), when J tries to feel me up I smack him, and they even ache if I walk too fast. It sucks. I'm late again this month so it has been more than a week since this has started. Screw you boobies. There is nothing fun about these funbags, I hate you.

Now, on a brighter note, tomorrow is HALLOWEEN! We are going to a friends chili cookoff in the afternoon and then to a Halloween party in the evening. It is going to be a blast! A fun filled day with friends, tasty food, and a plethora a adult beverage.

I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My Monday appointment resulted in the diagnosis of PCOS. I am not overly upset by this as I was already fairly certain this was what I was facing.

J and I had a good visit with the new doctor. We talked a lot about our experiences with charting and OPK's. The pro's and con's of each and how we'll want to use them going forward. He explained how my body should be working and how it is currently malfunctioning (my word, not his). We talked about different medications, their use, and which he thought would be best for me. Once we figured that part out we talked game plan. Here's the gist:

I am currently taking progesterone for 10days, or until my period starts, whichever is first. CD's 5-9 I will take 50mg of Clomid. Day's 16-24 (I believe... I left my directions at home! lol) I will be back on the progestrone. If I get knocked up, great! If not, then he wants to see me back in for an ultrasound sometime between CD1-5 (early December). He'll check for any cysts, blockages, and/or tumors. Should that come back good we'll continue with the Clomid for another two cycles. If we're not successful within the first three months (and there was nothing alarming like tumors, etc) we'll check in again. J will get a SA at that point. We'd probably go another 3 months with the potential for mid-cycle check ins (for ultrasounds) and more monitoring.

During this first month my only monitoring will be to use the OPK's and Charting. OPK's to best time intercourse and charting to be reassured that I did actually ovulate.

So, that's the gameplan! I actually feel much better to have that behind me. Our doctor did a good job giving us the facts, but still reassuring us that this is fairly common, that we're otherwise healthy, and most importantly he was confident that we could fix it.

Summer 2010 baby? Sounds like a good plan to me. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The appointment that I thought was FOREVER away is now Monday. Only a few short days from now we will start getting answers. Like them or not. As much as I've been eagerly awaiting this appointment, I find myself actively trying not to think about it. I know all of the things I want to take with me, but I keep putting off actually getting them together.

Cycle info for the last 13 months
List of questions

Those are the big three. Let's see if another sick day tomorrow will cause me desperation and boredom enough to pull it all together.

T-minus 4 days. ::deep breath::

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

flu confirmed.

I went to the doctor today and after over 2 hours at the office, the doc confirmed I had the flu. She didn't seem overly concerned since I am otherwise in good health, my lungs sounded great and I had not buildup in my ears. I have strict instructions for rest, fluids, and no work until after Friday.

Jeremy is taking phenomenal care of me. He even made a special trip to the store for my favorite tea. He's running around and every time I try and do anything myself he jumps up and says 'let me do that for you!' I don't know if this is his sweet way of paying me back for caring for him while he was a minced up chainsaw victim, or if he's just not wanting me and my germs infecting the whole house. I'm going with mostly the former with a dash of the latter.

I'm back to snuggling in with my tea and watching MORE television. I am SO tired of tv... If you see the sandman, please send him my way. I would love to be able to sleep.


I think I am poking my head out of my shell of denial. I'm fairly certain I have the flu. DAMNIT! It can on very suddenly (which apparently is common with the flu). I have all the symptoms, with the exception of the stomach-related issues. No vomiting or diarrhea for me thank goodness! Only a dry cough that violently shakes my brain each time I cough, a killer headache, minor ear ache (headache side affect? ear infection also? ugh.), achy/sore back/shoulders/neck, and a fever.


Since I cannot sleep anymore, I'm back to BOTB to pass the time and avoid bad daytime television.

This afternoon - the doctor.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Weekend In Pictures

That pretty much sums it up. Saw Where the Wild Things Are on Friday. Saw beautiful fall foliage and went to Oktoberfest Saturday. Pictures from today won't be eventful unless you want a picture of me vacuuming in my jammies.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've almost survived it!

My crazy start to October is almost over. I survived Customer Service Week, my volunteer responsibilities, my trip back to Oklahoma, and now all I have left is my exam tomorrow at work. I've read the book. I'm halfway through the practice exam. I've gotten 96/106 questions right so far in the practice test. I only need 75% to pass I believe, so things aren't looking so bad.

This time tomorrow I hope to be having dinner with my husband and celebrating my passing score with a glass of wine or two. Only a couple though because Saturday we're off to Leavenworth! That's Leavenworth, WA for those of you who thought I might be off doing time. Leavenworth is a Bavarian village in the mountains. We're going there with a group of friends for OKTOBERFEST! I'm stoked. Yummy food, shopping, and BEER!

It'll be a busy month, but we're finally getting to the good part!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Customer Service Week, etc.

This week is National Customer Service Week. It is a week to appreciate those that work tirelessly in customer service and thank them for their hard work all year.

Well, I manage a service department. I'm also in charge or our departments "Fun Committee" as we've named ourself. We organize the holiday party and other small events throughout the year. Our BIG event is CS Week. Instead of basking in the glow of a full tummy from a free lunch, I am hunting for deals (we get a VERY small budget), shopping, sometimes cooking, orginizing, setting up, taking down, sending communications, etc. Basically this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for me. It is fun stuff, I really enjoy planning events, but REALLY busy nonetheless.

My week highlights:
Saturday was AWESOME. Friends daughters first birthday (found out there are expecting baby #2!) Another friends birthday dinner and I always love seeing that group. We don't do it enough anymore. And J and I went clothes shopping. I <3 sweater season!

Sunday was the Making Strides Against Breats Cancer walk. My team KICKED ASS. There were almost 90 of us and we raised almost $10k so far! GO TEAM! I also started shopping for Monday's work breakfast. I made some awesome pancakes, I must say.

CS Week Schedule:
Monday - Breakfast
Tuesday - Ice Cream Social
Wednesday - Lunch
Thursday - All of the managers are baking and supplying dessert
Friday - Games and snacks

Quite an agenda when you're coordinating a group of 75, no? It's only Wednesday and my oversized rump is dragging already.

So, tonight I'm taking a good friend of mine to get pedicures for her birthday because she's awesome and if you could see my feet... ::shudder:: and then I'm baking chocolate chip cookie brownies - YUM.

Tomorrow I've got to get the dog to my Mom's since she's babysitting for the weekend. We're staying at my Father-in-laws because Friday morning we leave for Oklahoma to see family until Monday.

Phew. Thanks for letting me get my to-do list in order. I guess all that is to say, I'm sorry that I'm a blogging failure this week. If you think I'm slacking here you should see the piles of crap not getting done at my house... oy vey.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What sucks more than a 44 day cycle?

The period that follows said cycle. It's like having two in one. B-L-O-W-S. Blows more than the 200+ MPH leaf blower that the hubs picked up this weekend. We're talking hurricane force winds here people.

That is all for now. Back to my snapping at employees, tea, and my heating pad.