Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Customer Service Week, etc.

This week is National Customer Service Week. It is a week to appreciate those that work tirelessly in customer service and thank them for their hard work all year.

Well, I manage a service department. I'm also in charge or our departments "Fun Committee" as we've named ourself. We organize the holiday party and other small events throughout the year. Our BIG event is CS Week. Instead of basking in the glow of a full tummy from a free lunch, I am hunting for deals (we get a VERY small budget), shopping, sometimes cooking, orginizing, setting up, taking down, sending communications, etc. Basically this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for me. It is fun stuff, I really enjoy planning events, but REALLY busy nonetheless.

My week highlights:
Saturday was AWESOME. Friends daughters first birthday (found out there are expecting baby #2!) Another friends birthday dinner and I always love seeing that group. We don't do it enough anymore. And J and I went clothes shopping. I <3 sweater season!

Sunday was the Making Strides Against Breats Cancer walk. My team KICKED ASS. There were almost 90 of us and we raised almost $10k so far! GO TEAM! I also started shopping for Monday's work breakfast. I made some awesome pancakes, I must say.

CS Week Schedule:
Monday - Breakfast
Tuesday - Ice Cream Social
Wednesday - Lunch
Thursday - All of the managers are baking and supplying dessert
Friday - Games and snacks

Quite an agenda when you're coordinating a group of 75, no? It's only Wednesday and my oversized rump is dragging already.

So, tonight I'm taking a good friend of mine to get pedicures for her birthday because she's awesome and if you could see my feet... ::shudder:: and then I'm baking chocolate chip cookie brownies - YUM.

Tomorrow I've got to get the dog to my Mom's since she's babysitting for the weekend. We're staying at my Father-in-laws because Friday morning we leave for Oklahoma to see family until Monday.

Phew. Thanks for letting me get my to-do list in order. I guess all that is to say, I'm sorry that I'm a blogging failure this week. If you think I'm slacking here you should see the piles of crap not getting done at my house... oy vey.

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