About Me

Welcome to my life. I am here to chronicle my adventures as a woman, wife, and wannabe mom. The good, the bad, and the ugly sides of trying to conceive, weight loss, our struggle with infertility, and everything in between. I am honest, stubborn, emotional, kind of funny (if I do say so myself), and pretty much a pain in the ass. All the good makings of a future mommy, right?

This blog is my safe place. Where I come to provide my unfiltered feelings or opinions. It is my journal of sorts. My hope is that in sharing my experience I can help other women. I have found so much support and love in the blog community and it has helped me tremendously through our continued struggle. If I could do that for someone else, if I could help another woman feel less alone, than this whole roller coaster may have meant something.

While I am here going on and on about our journey, I would love to hear about yours! Please feel free to comment, or email me (see: Contact Me) if there is every anything I can help with, or even if you just want to share your story. You can even hit me up on Twitter!

For more information regarding our TTC journey, please visit my TTC History page. Thank you!