Monday, May 28, 2012

A fun comparison...

29 Weeks

Loving my first complete week of my third trimester. While I am starting to have trouble getting comfortable at night, I am also feeling much better about myself and the changes happening to my body. Yes, I'm filling out, but you know what? It isn't permanent. I'm enjoying time with my friends and family and doing my best not to beat myself up over some indulgences. Yes, overall I need to make good choices, but damnit, my strawberry ice cream isn't killing anyone. Nor will it stick around forever either. It's all about the balance.

Now, with that pesky body-image crap aside, I've been feeling pretty good. I can definitely feel myself start to transition into that third trimester mode... getting tired at the end of the day, sore lower back, but nothing crazy at all. A nice welcome break from the pneumonia/loose rib drama crap of the first part of this adventure.

Our nursery work is really coming along and we're feeling more and more prepared for Lily's arrival. My mom even sent out the invites for my shower next month! She is hosting a get together for my family, a small lunch so that I can spend some good quality with my grand mothers, aunts, and close family friends. I still cannot get over the fact that it will be for me and our baby. We are so blessed.

A fun comparison with this weeks belly photo:

Crazy what a couple months will do. I thought I had really started filling out... The 19 week photo was from the day we had our gender scan. HA! - look at me now. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


As many of you guys already know, I've been one who has struggled with my weight and body image for years.

When we got pregnant I knew that would come with weight gain. What I didn't anticipate would be how hard it would be on me. It is really hard to watch the scale climb to numbers you never wanted to see again.

There are a few things weighing on me...

I'm not being as good as I should be. I've been dieting for so many years that I literally don't know how to eat normally. And since I don't know how, I've been careless. This was not helped by my initial aversions and weight loss in my first trimester. I got in the habit of being able to eat whatever sounded good. Which is never veggies, btw. Also, while sweets were an aversion before... not any more! Oh the guilt!

Since we got off to a rough start with this pregnancy, I've not been exercising enough. Plain and simple I haven't been active enough at all. J is pretty paranoid and even when I want to, I get 'maybe you shouldn't ...' not helping!

My doc did say that around 20ish weeks, give or take, that my weight gain would play catch up. Between that phenomenon and my lack of restraint, I am now up 17lbs at 26 weeks. Which, while not horrible at all, means I won't meet my 20lb weigh gain goal. In 10 weeks I've gained almost 20lbs. Damn.

My Gestational Diabetes test is tomorrow. I am so nervous. Since I don't handle carbs well anyway, I'm worried I won't pass. I don't want any other obstacles.

Starting this game overweight sucks. It makes everything harder. I am more self conscious. I'm harder on myself over the little things and I feel myself focusing on the wrong things.

Not my entire self is crazy about this. I do have a piece of my mind that days I've gained weight for worse reasons and lost it before, I can do it again! Also, I want to do everything I can to enjoy this time. If that means a small bowl of ice cream with the hubs at the end of a long day I suppose its worth it.

I need to get back in better habits. Walk more, eat more veggies, and take a damn deep breath.

We have been so blessed, I don't want to mess any of this up. So, if you have an extra prayer, please say one for me passing my GD test. I promise I'll be better. Pinky promise.

How did you deal with weight gain? Any tips or resources?

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