Monday, May 28, 2012

A fun comparison...

29 Weeks

Loving my first complete week of my third trimester. While I am starting to have trouble getting comfortable at night, I am also feeling much better about myself and the changes happening to my body. Yes, I'm filling out, but you know what? It isn't permanent. I'm enjoying time with my friends and family and doing my best not to beat myself up over some indulgences. Yes, overall I need to make good choices, but damnit, my strawberry ice cream isn't killing anyone. Nor will it stick around forever either. It's all about the balance.

Now, with that pesky body-image crap aside, I've been feeling pretty good. I can definitely feel myself start to transition into that third trimester mode... getting tired at the end of the day, sore lower back, but nothing crazy at all. A nice welcome break from the pneumonia/loose rib drama crap of the first part of this adventure.

Our nursery work is really coming along and we're feeling more and more prepared for Lily's arrival. My mom even sent out the invites for my shower next month! She is hosting a get together for my family, a small lunch so that I can spend some good quality with my grand mothers, aunts, and close family friends. I still cannot get over the fact that it will be for me and our baby. We are so blessed.

A fun comparison with this weeks belly photo:

Crazy what a couple months will do. I thought I had really started filling out... The 19 week photo was from the day we had our gender scan. HA! - look at me now. 


  1. You're looking fabulous!! Good for you about letting go - it goes by so quick. After the baby comes, the extra weight will come off. You look so cute! Keep up the good baby growing work :-)

  2. It's amazing how much a couple months will change that belly. Only three to go for you now! You're looking great!

    pS - have you said her name before and I forgot? I love it!

  3. Wow! What a change in such a short period of time. You look wonderful!

  4. You look great! Enjoy the third trimester!!!!

  5. I am glad to see you are doing well and things are coming along. Great belly shot!

  6. Miss you....hope all is going well!