Wednesday, October 21, 2009

flu confirmed.

I went to the doctor today and after over 2 hours at the office, the doc confirmed I had the flu. She didn't seem overly concerned since I am otherwise in good health, my lungs sounded great and I had not buildup in my ears. I have strict instructions for rest, fluids, and no work until after Friday.

Jeremy is taking phenomenal care of me. He even made a special trip to the store for my favorite tea. He's running around and every time I try and do anything myself he jumps up and says 'let me do that for you!' I don't know if this is his sweet way of paying me back for caring for him while he was a minced up chainsaw victim, or if he's just not wanting me and my germs infecting the whole house. I'm going with mostly the former with a dash of the latter.

I'm back to snuggling in with my tea and watching MORE television. I am SO tired of tv... If you see the sandman, please send him my way. I would love to be able to sleep.

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