Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My 16th weeks started with something pretty amazing... movement!

For years I've heard people describe their baby's first kicks. Like bubbles, gas, poking from the inside... I was ready my week-by-week book and it describes the first movements has popcorn popping or a bubble (which is why most people confuse it early on with gas!).

"Popping" really resonated with me. For some reason when I imagined people talking about bubbles I was thinking something like carbonation (I don't know why...). But the idea of a single bubble popping is what struck a cord.

I lay in bed on Sunday nights, reading my pregnancy week-by-week book to learn about the week we have ahead of us. Then I try and lay there for awhile, thinking about our baby, talking to him/her, and generally just focusing on the good stuff. It's a special little moment each week.


Was that what I think it was, or am I making it up??

It's very faint and if you blink, you'll miss it. Two or three more times over the next few minutes, I felt it. And then, just as I convinced myself I wasn't making it up, the show was over for the night. But it was amazing! To me it didn't really feel anything like gas, but I can understand the confusion with all of the other crazy feelings/pulls/etc that you feel throughout pregnancy.

This is an odd comparison, but have you ever made a spit bubble with your mouth? Go ahead, try it. Now, pay close attention to the sensation your lips have when it pops... that's what it felt like to me! Just a tiny bubble popping in my lower abdomen.

I know it's early and that this will come and go, but I cannot wait for this to be a consistent and regular occurrence. I may never do anything but quietly lay in my bed again.


  1. Yay! After having two miscarriages and making it out of the first trimester, I couldn't wait to feel that! And I remember distinctly sitting at work and just wishinghopingpraying for some *sign* and then, suddenly, just as you described - a distinct pop, like popcorn! It was unmistakable!


  2. Oh I'm so jealous! I had a midwife appt yesterday and I'm like well I'm at 16 weeks we'll be feeling baby move soon right? And she's like well, yes, but it can also take all the way up to 24 weeks so don't get your hopes up! Crap! Seriously can't wait for this!

  3. It is awesome isn't it? After 3 MC I felt like I could finally calm the paranoia just a bit if I could just feel him move. My little guy got more and more predictable (almost like he could tell time) the further along I got and it was absolute heaven to me. Every time he moved it would make me smile because I knew he was ok.

    FYI: The more still you are the more active they get. Try being still during the day too...you'll notice when they are active during pregnancy they are awake during the same time frames after they are born!! (It's the whole "getting their days and nights switched and think of how still you are at night...wink, wink)

  4. I completely agree - the first movements I felt were just like popping. I've heard lots of people say that they felt like flutters to them, but your description was exactly what I felt too.