Monday, March 5, 2012

17 Weeks

17 weeks today! Our next doctors appointment is tomorrow and our anatomy scan is only TWO WEEKS away. I cannot believe the time that has passed!

I am feeling really good these days and am so happy and appreciative of our blessing. There are many exciting things around the corner and for once in a very long while, I am just enthusiastic. Joyful. Happy. So grateful and in love with this baby and my husband.
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This is all still so surreal at times. My girlfriends had dinner on Friday night and the conversation turned to planning my baby shower. MY baby shower. I cannot wrap my head around that and at the same time I am so thrilled. My friends have been so sweet and excited for this baby. It warms my heart to think of all of the other people in our life that have been anticipating this child right along with us. To think back to those lonely days over the last three years, it does help to take the edge off, knowing that there were so many people supporting us.

I don't think my bump has changed much this week, but never the less - here it is!


  1. Whohoo!! Planning YOUR baby shower. How awesome is that?! :)

  2. So happy things are moving right along!! :) My baby shower was so surreal!!! I couldnt believe it was actually for ME???!! :)