Monday, March 12, 2012

18 Weeks!

18 Weeks! Wow, that makes me feel pretty deep into this process already. It's a good thing we're starting to check things off our list of stuff to do! It never seems to end.

This weekend my father-in-law came up to help up plan and take measurements of the nursery. He's going to be helping us install the board-and-batten we'll be putting up. We discussed batten distance, molding size, spacing to accommodate outlets, etc. Basically, I think we've gotten it all planned out! Once we know what kind of kiddo we're having, we'll be able to select a paint color and really get at it. It's crazy to think that in one month we'll be looking at pretty different room. I knew this room would be our nursery from the moment we moved in (almost 4 years ago), it's pretty great to see that finally start to happen.

This week the babe is about 5 1/2 inches long and is weighing in at approx 7 ounces. I've felt movement a few more times and I always stop what I'm doing (usually just talking, lol) and enjoy the moment. Such an amazing feeling. It will never grow old. I'm almost back up to my starting weight, which oddly feels really good. I will admit I have been enjoying the compliments at work about how 'healthy and happy' I look. Now if those could just continue for the next 5+ months, that would be great!

Only a week is left until our big anatomy scan! While the doc has his suspicions, we should have our answer in a week. And let me tell you, after that week, it is (shopping) GAME ON. I have been so pent up that this mama is ready to do a little shopping! I've been given a great new discount site (email me if you don't get the daily Zulily deals - omg! I'm obsessed.) and plan to attend a few local consignment fairs over the next few weekends. I don't plan to go too insane, but I've got to get it out of my system!

Hopefully that will include a major item or two. Did you have a hard time finding a crib you loved? I've look at all the major stores, granted it was online, and I am not in love with anything. Well, that's not entirely true. My egregious taste led me first to a crib that I am still fawning over, but it is $1049 at Restoration Hardware. YEAH RIGHT. I can do my whole nursery with that budget. But, of course now everything gets compared to that and doesn't measure up. It is much more challenging than I expected!

Here is my updated belly photo! There should only be a couple more before you start to see changes happening on the wall behind me. Don't worry, I'm capturing pictures of the whole process as we go!

(Let's make a deal not to talk about my bubble butt, got it?? Glad we had this talk.)


  1. Congrats on hitting this milestone!

  2. Just so you arent surprised, Zulily shipping takes foreverrrrrr lol

  3. You look great! I can't wait to hear what this baby is going to be... still thinking boy, but maybe that's just because I love having boy babies! It's so hard not knowing what the baby is because of the whole shopping thing, but you'll have what, like 21 weeks to do some major damage in that area once you find out!