Saturday, February 25, 2012

Consignment Fairs

I had no idea such a thing existed until a lovely coworker brought me a whole list of them in our area!

What is a consignment fair? There are a number of organizations in our area that organize local moms into these organized, high quality, garage sale like events. Except they take place in large gymnasiums, community centers, etc.

I've talked with a few women now that have come away with major scores from these events. Some of them are known for being more high-quality than others, but either way - I'm IN! I've even been able to get on a few pre-sale lists. I'm ready to sort through and find treasures. I'm all about saving a pretty penny or two where I can.

And, guess what, they start the weekend after we find out the gender of this kiddo! How awesome is that?

If you live in the greater Seattle area, I am happy to email you the list I was given!


  1. I went to one last year. All the good stuff was taken by the people who work there, volunteers get first dibs. I am kind of wary of the ones where you have to pay an entrance fee. Best of luck at your sales!

  2. Right after we were placed with Ava, they had a string of consignment sales and I became addicted! LOVE them!!