Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's Suck

I may need to make this a weekly revisit because I find myself bitching about Monday's almost every week. This weekend was really busy so I think this Monday is particularly shit-tastic because I didn't get a break to relax after the hectic week we had last week.

J and I have a rental house that has currently been on the market for 4 weeks. We've dropped the price twice and there has been LOTS of interest, but no apps. As I was venting to my dear friend Mrs. O, paying the mortgage on two houses SUCKS. Especially when you are looking at doing it for a second month in a row. It is really eating up our savings, which of course we were working hard on to do things like pay for our future child(ren). (My feelings on the incredibly ridiculous cost of childcare can wait for another day.)

Just in case you were wondering, Me + Rental Mortgage + Rental 2nd Mortgage + Our Mortgage = bat shit crazy. You know, just for future reference. Especially when I come home late afternoon yesterday (Sunday) exhausted after a long weekend birthday parties and baby showers to my husband telling me that there is yard work to be done at the rental. Which, of course he couldn’t do himself while I was gone all day, because it takes two people to load the truck with a full yard waste bin, mower, etc. Oh, and a friendly reminder that he was leaving for the coast Monday morning at 2:30AM for work and would be back probably late Tuesday night. I can’t believe I forgot about that.

Did I mention that Monday’s suck? Yes, I do believe that I covered that.

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