Friday, September 16, 2011

McSkinny Friday

I am reporting to you this week a few pounds lighter!

187.7 on the scale this morning. 3.3lbs in a little less than two weeks, not too shabby! We've been consistent with the gym, even when I really didn't want to be. I took my lunch every day this week (chicken, veggies, fruit and/or a yogurt) and have managed to behave myself.

I'm proud of the progress I've made so far. I'm already feeling like I fit in my clothes a little better. Isn't it amazing what a few extra pounds of bloat and fat will do? It's nice to be able to breathe in my jeans!

The weekends are the hardest for me. When we get together with our friends we tend not to make the best choices. Thankfully the other wives and myself have banded together to put in a better effort. If we grill - let's make chicken and eat a salad, instead of burgers and potato salad. The little changes make the biggest difference!

What little changes do you make that have helped?

TGIF peeps!

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