Wednesday, January 30, 2013


As I mentioned before, Lily loves to mimic sounds and facial expressions. She watches you so fiercely and you can just see her piece it together, coordinating her lips and tongue to blow a raspberry back at you. It's amazing to watch.

Last week she was in her high chair making a ruckus. If she starts making a consistent noise we'll repeat it back and use words with that sound, etc. To my pleasant surprise ma-ma-ma-ma was the sound of the day! I have this adorable video from that night! At the time she was just exploring sound and not making any associations.

Today I was home a bit early and needed to make a call for work. She was quietly playing in her crib while I stepped into the dining room. A few minutes later she starts to fuss and before I can wrap up what I'm doing, she cries. How did this cry start? "Maaaaaamaaaa" you bet your sweet tush I hauled it to her room.

That's right, baby girl! Mama's here!

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