Tuesday, January 22, 2013


After 5 months to the day, I have finally experienced that blissful moment that you always find pictured in an article about breastfeeding.

It was 7:00 a.m. and Lily and I were getting up for the day. She was all smiles and not at all demanding of her breakfast. We were chatting with her daddy and kissing her sweet cheeks before we settled in to the glider in her nursery. She snuggled in and latched on without much interference from me and got right down to business.

Like a pro, I could barely feel Lily at all. She's gotten good at this, I thought. Not a moment later, she started sighing. I tilted my head so that she and I could see eye to eye. It was only a month or so ago that she even noticed I was up there while she was eating. We locked eyes and she smiled. It was a brief moment, one that she ended by reaching up, touching my face, and returning to the task at hand.

It was effortless, we connected, and I choked back a tear. This is what I fought all those weeks for. That one moment. I hope to never forget it.

This time is ours. It's private and only for us. It's part of our bond. Our foundation together. Part of what makes us, us. For only she and I truly know what it took for us to find this place.


  1. I know how hard this road has been for you and what it took to get here. I also know how difficult BFing can be. I mostly gave up with my baby and it's only been 5 weeks. It takes so much work and dedication. You deserved this moment and I am so happy you got it.

  2. The hard road always make the destination a bit sweeter. Such a great feeling that you have accomplished something and been able to give your daughter the best food she can get.

  3. What a beautiful post!! I'm so excited for you and Lily!!

  4. This made my heart SO happy. :) That moment where you suddenly realize it's EASY and you and your kid both GET it and LOVE it... it's priceless! YAY!!

  5. This post made me tear up a little....we are starting to wean and this is one of the many things that I will miss about nursing. So glad that you are experiencing it!