Saturday, December 11, 2010


Thank you for those that kept your fingers crossed and wished us well, but this mornings test was negative. I wish I had something better to report.

I also wish I could say that I'd been successful in keeping my mind from wandering. From dreaming of a Christmas miracle in a year that we don't appear to be celebrating. Imagining telling my mom, or my best friend when I fly to visit her next week. Getting to tell a few amazing women that have had success lately that I'd be joining their ranks. Even having a tough conversation about whether or not we should postpone our Europe trip. Oh what I would give to cancel that trip for this one thing.

Still no AF in sight. No BFP. Looks like my ladybits have decided to join my feelings in limbo. Just hanging out. Stuck between two worlds. Void of much feeling and really not wanting to make any decisions.

I am the worst at taking breaks.

Now I'm really sorry I skipped that margarita at dinner last night.


  1. :( Ugh, I'm so sorry honey. I know how you feel...

  2. I'm so sorry. Go have an extra margarita tonight.

  3. I'm so sorry dear. I'm still crossing my fingers and praying for you. Hope your wait isn't much longer friend!

  4. Damnit. I'm sorry about this. PCOS is certainly a bitch.

    I am just now catching up on some reading and saw your exciting post about a trip to Europe in the future! Now THAT is something to focus on! I've been to London many times (it's probably my favorite haven't-lived-there place on earth) and to Ireland once. Love both!!

    I hope that you've since gotten a margarita to make up for the one you missed! Thinking of you.

  5. You already know I'm sorry to hear this! I really hope the answer changes soon. PCOS frustrates me so much!!