Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am an idiot.

This weekend has been deep with irritation and frustration. I have this wonderful evening planned with my girlfriends. There was baking, baking, and more baking planned. Instead the dogs decide that night to be a pain in the ass. I spent the evening cleaning up messes (our 7.5 year old lab decided to hike his leg on our friends Christmas tree - he has NEVER done that before! and that was only 1 of the 5 catastrophes of the evening) and I wasn't even supposed to have to take the dogs in the first place.

Yesterday we went to a local tree lighting. The day was so much fun. Lunch with friends, sledding with our friends kid, general holiday fun. Then the evening turned dramatic when most everyone drank 1 or 2 too many cocktails and the end result was vomit... in the car... when we were still over an hour from home. All I can say was thank God it wasn't mine. ::GAG::

I had decided Friday that I would test this weekend since I am late. Saturday morning I flushed the toilet before I remembered that I was supposed to pee on something. Frick! So last night when we got home I set everything out so that I would remember. This morning I'd only need to get the test out of the cupboard. True to my plan, I woke up this morning and went to pee in the cup. Grabbed a test out of the cupboard, did the damn thing, and set it on the counter. I cleaned up and took a peek....

OMG - is that a line? Or more like the absence of a line? Wait... a line is a line, right? People if I hadn't already peed I would have messed my pajama pants.

Returning to the cabinet to get the instructions... How long is it supposed to take again? I reached in, grabbed the box, and realized that I peed on an ovulation predictor test.

Kill me know. My heart went from racing, to broken. I of course am more upset because I screwed it up and, even if for only 30 seconds, I allowed my hopes to get up. On our break. When I shouldn't be doing this anyway.

Why am I such an idiot? Things never go right and I always manage to screw them up. What is more disappointing than a weekend filled with disappointments, is being disappointed with myself.


  1. Awh man, hang in there. Crap happens to us all - I hope you see two lines tomorrow morning!!!

  2. Future not throw the cup of pee out after you dip a stick because sometimes you want to double check. This is a perfect example.

    I'm sorry this weekend was rough but your cookies did look fabulous! :) Hugs