Monday, May 16, 2011

My Someday...

Ever since I was a little girl, I've talked about how I've wanted to travel.

"I would love to go to Europe someday."

A common phrase from my mouth for as far back as I can remember. Well, folks, my 'someday' is tomorrow. TOMORROW. Tomorrow I get on a plane with my handsome husband.

Our first stop is London. Including a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. Did you know that Bath was reborn in 1687 when Queen Mary bathed there. She was struggling with infertility and within 10 months gave birth to her son? The city then boomed as a spa town with countless accounts of cures for a number of different ailments. It's probably crazy talk, but it can't hurt, right!?

I'm relaxing for a bit this morning and then it is time to clean, finish packing, and try to sleep tonight (YEAH RIGHT). Wish me luck!

I promise that when I return we'll go back to more of a regularly scheduled program. I know I've been a slacker. There just isn't a lot to share at the moment. When we get back we'll shortly be returning to active TTC. Our appointment with Seattle Reproductive Medicine is only 10 days after we get home! Special things in the works!


  1. Have a fabulous time and enjoy every single second. There better be pictures when you get back!!!

  2. Have a blast! I loved my UK trip.

  3. Have a wonderful trip! Take lots of pictures!

  4. I am SO SO SO excited for you. :)

  5. have an amazing time! If you're eating on the cheap in london make sure to stay away from "restaurants" and eat in the pubs. Food there is LOADS better. :-)
    oh - and the discount show ticket place (shoot! forgot where that is!) always has a decent selection if you want to catch a show! Oh! and don't be ashamed to take a double decker tour bus! It's a great way to check stuff off the list and then figure out where you really want to spend your time. yay! I'm excited for you! I've been to london 4 times and still would love to go again (and again, and again....)

  6. I've wanted to go to London so bad! Hope you post some pictures of your trip!