Monday, May 2, 2011


Peeps, I've been a big ol' blogging failure. My days have been filled with craziness and my few moments of quiet have been spent with The Hubs.

J ended up catching the plague again. His diagnosis? Ear infection, pink eye, and strep. Yuck! He caught the pink eye super early, so thankfully that has been pretty uneventful. But the poor boy went broke at the pharmacy and is currently using an inhaler. Booo! So, as you can see I've spent a significant part of my days playing nurse. Again.

I've also been spending time buttoning up some details on our trip! I bought our travel insurance. Ordered a gorgeous new camera bag. (LOVE) Booked our tour of Stonehenge and Bath. I even attended a photography workshop on Friday.

I'm still loving my new job. I've attended a few classes and workshops that have kept me at the office late, but they've all be worth it! I'm engaged, challenged, and learning a ton.

We're still dealing with the fallout of The Accident. We got the car back and already we've had to take it back to the shop. I'm nervous that this will be the way it is from here on out. Never quite the same. Also, I got a letter from our insurance company telling me that the claimant has hired an attorney. I freaked the hell out. She told my agent that she was okay! She was going to the chiropractor, but she was only sore - no injuries. Now this?! I stewed about it all weekend and talked with my agent this morning. I feel a lot better. She said that this woman seems kind of high maintenance and she got the feeling he was hired to handle it for her, so that she wouldn't be further inconvenienced. She said not to worry, so I'm trying not to.

Otherwise my days have been spent running around this crazy place I call life. Acupuncture today, hair appointment tomorrow, training class and a baseball game on Thursday, time with the inlaws on Saturday, hanging out with my mom for Mothers day on Sunday.... somewhere in there my house needs to be cleaned and dinner cooked! Do you see why my blogging time has been restricted? I asked J again if he would get me a housekeeper, or a wife, for my birthday. He said no to both. Rude!

This month is the last of our 10 month long break and I plan to enjoy it! Mostly, by frolicking through the streets of London, enjoying a pint of Guinness in Dublin, and taking thousands of photos as I go!

I miss you, my blogging peeps. I'm checking in as often as I can. I don't comment often because it is a pain to do from my phone. But I'm out there! Somewhere...

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