Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Accident.

Nope, not that happy kind of 'Oops, we're pregnant!' accident.

This kind:
Yes, I was in a car accident this evening. Yes, I am okay.

I was driving down the highway when we came up on an accident on the shoulder. We had to drive over the center line to go around it (the police were already there). I turned my head to merge back into my lane. When I looked straight again, I barely had time to hit the brakes before I slammed into the back of a SUV. Thankfully we weren't going very fast. Tell that to my crumpled hood.

Since the police were already on the scene, he pushed me to the side of the road and I instantly started crying. Yes, I was that girl. The officers that helped us were actually the nicest group of men I have ever dealt with. He made sure I was okay and didn't need medical attention. I was crying pretty good by then and he told me that it would be okay, to take my time composing myself, that no one was hurt, and we'd get it all straightened out. Another officer checked on me a bit later (it was raining and windy and I didn't have a coat - of course!) and said that my airbags absolutely should have deployed - and they didn't, and I definitely need to report it. But, honestly, I'm glad they didn't. On top of it all, I really didn't need a solid punch in the face. The woman in the SUV may disagree at this point... The officer helped me get a tow-truck and collected the drivers license/insurance info. They were very helpful. I am grateful that they were so good to me. It was a bit of a traumatic experience, and they would have been well within their right to take a firmer stand with me. But, they didn't. I will be writing in to give my feedback.

Ya'll, he didn't even write me a ticket.

The woman I hit had a child in the back seat. As soon as I overheard that, I started bawling. He was perfectly fine, just scared and crying. I feel awful. It is the first time I have ever been in a car accident. Let alone one where I was at fault. I had to call J to come and pick me up, queue the tears again....

I really am okay. A little stiff, but no damage. I can certainly feel the let-down of the adrenaline. That's never fun. I'm sorry that this is a little pieced together. As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm a little scatterbrained.

J was not upset with me at all. In fact he's already over it and on to the car-shopping part of this debacle.

Any recommendations for a sedan with good gas mileage? This was our commuter car.


  1. That really sucks! I'm so sorry that happened but so glad that you and the other driver are alright. As well, that the officers were kind. That helps for sure. No recs on cars, I drive a gas-guzzler.

  2. Oh my! I HATE car accidents. They are so scary and stressful. I have been pretty emotional lately myself and cry at the drop of a hat, so no worries.

    Glad you are okay!


  3. I'm glad you're ok!! As far as car suggestions, I like Hyundais. They're all I drive and they're good cars.

  4. Oh my gosh...tis the week for accidents I guess. Whatever you do, go to the MD and get your back checked. You may not hurt now but could in a few days. Mine took until last Saturday (accident on Wed) to really start hurting. So glad everyone is okay!!! Toyotas are great :)

  5. We have a Chevy Malibu - great gas mileage, with lots of room & a decent price. I'm not in love with it only because I want an SUV but it's definitely a practical car (I call mine MAC - My Adult Car)!

  6. Yikes - glad you're okay!

    I have a Ford Fusion, and I absolutely LOVE IT. Would highly recommend it.

  7. I'm so sorry!! Accidents are terrifying, but I am so glad everyone was okay and that you didn't get a ticket!

    If it makes you feel better, my first accident was slamming into the back of a stopped car, which dominoed and ended up involving FIVE cars. Yipes. I didn't get a ticket, either, though, and ended up going on a date with one of the guys whose car I hit. LOL, obviously, this was before my married days!

    I used to drive a Honda, and I highly recommend them- zero maintenance and great milage! My 4Runner has my heart, now, but the gas milage is not the best.