Friday, September 7, 2012

4 ounces!

We saw the nurse for another weigh-in today. On Tuesday Lily weighed in at 9lbs 11oz. In three days she wanted to see at least a gain of 1.5 ounces - or .5 ounces a day. And what did she weigh?

- insert drum roll -

9pounds 15ounces!! - A gain of 4 ounces!



I am so relieved to have that behind us. We are starting to get it down - she slept so much better between feeds last night I woke up feeling rested.

She was alert and all smiles in the doctors office too. Not even a peep when we had to strip her down or change her diaper. And we're now back home, relaxing in the back yard while Lily takes a nap.

Today, we kicked ass.

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