Monday, September 10, 2012

Mastitis and Thrush

This weekend the pain in my boobs got much worse. Achy stabbing pains in my boob, in addition to the agony that already was my nipple. J was out of town, but thankfully my mom was around to go to the walk-in clinic with me and help with Lily.

The doctor I saw was hugely helpful. She gave me major kudos for breast feeding and we talked about how incredibly hard those first days/weeks can be. And that is without the added pain. We talked about my pain, she examined my breast. I was fairly certain I had at least a mild case of thrush. Although there is nothing in Lily's mouth, I did have a white spot on one nipple and the pain that went along with it. Doc agreed and recommended an anti-fungal cream (ewww).

But, in addition to thrush, she said I have mastitis. She (and I) was glad to see me when I came in, because I didn't yet have any of the flu-like symptoms yet. But my breast (left especially) was a bit red, swollen, and complete with all of the lightning and stabbing pains that typically go along with it. I couldn't even let Lily snuggle on my chest. Even the light pressure from my bra could make my eyes water. "I'm glad you came in when you did, this can get much much worse."  WORSE?! Dear Lord, I'm glad I came in when I did too. What I had was sucky enough.

With my perscription antibiotic in hand, I was sent home with the instructions to continue nursing - frequently. After 24 hours I do feel a bit better. The aching has subsided and while it still hurts for her to latch on the left side, it has improved. Hopefully after a few more days we'll be sitting pretty.

Moral of this story? If you're having any aches and pains associated with breastfeeding - do not hesitate to go in. Waiting to see how things go only makes it worse.


  1. SO true. We struggled with it for a few days and it was toe curling pain every time Stella latched - though I knew that nursing was the only way to make it better!! EEK! I'm glad you went in and got some antibiotics and advice. Hang in there!!

    (ps - i just struggled 5x with the stupid catchpa, which blogger made WAY harder lately. you might want to try removing the catchpa requirement and NOT allowing anonymous comments. when i had my settings like that, i never had a problem with spam, and it was way easier for people to comment)

  2. I appreciate the heads up, Josey! I hope it's all fixed up now. Let me know if you still run into trouble!