Tuesday, October 26, 2010

McFatty Everyday


The past few weeks I have really been struggling with my weight. Between when I stopped taking meds mid-August and the first week of October I gained a whopping 10lbs. And about another 2ish since then. Sure there have been days where I haven't behaved, but those days existed prior to my quitting meds and I didn't gain like this. Maybe a l.b. here or there, but being more active that week would see to those pretty quickly. The only thing I can think to blame is PCOS. That scale just pisses me off most days. I promised myself when I got under the 200 mark that I would never see that number on the scale again. When I got below 190 (187 was my lowest I believe) I thought that goal was safe.

HA! Yeah right...

200.3 was what I weighed this morning.

13lbs! FRICK!

J decided a few weeks ago he wanted to go to the gym with me. I was so excited! We have a slightly (HA!) competitive edge and I knew he would be just what I needed to push myself. That was until last week when J ended up at the walk in clinic because he was getting chest pains and time he exerted himself. Since then he's had to take it easy (so far tests show that he should be a-ok). Between that and our busy schedule I haven't made it a priority for about a week.

That gym may be my only salvation. If I gain 13lbs in 7 weeks while managing my portions and trying to eat a balanced diet, beating myself at the gym is the next step. I know this, but it is just so frustrating to suffer that way and not see any progress. I've tried restrictive diets and they just don't work for me. Our lifestyle doesn't lend itself to that. How am I going to live the rest of my life? Medication is not something I'd like to pursue if I can avoid it.

I will say that a friend of mine started seeing a naturopath and getting acupuncture. She's had rave reviews about both. I know that acupuncture can help with IF issues as well, so I am going to give it a try. I've been talking about it for a couple months now and if could help with my PCOS, maybe it would help with my weight problem as well? Perhaps if I saw a nutritionist I could get a better handle on my diet? I know that eating different types of foods along with carbs (my weakness and the PCOS Devil) can help you process them more efficiently. Has anyone ever seen a nutritionist? Was it helpful to you?

Struggling with the scale,
Mrs. S


  1. I weigh 200 as well. Just keep eating to cope with the heartache. I need to get serious soon, IVF is coming in a little over a month.

    Good luck!

  2. I'm a PCOS-er along with you... and as much or as hard as I ever exercise, it makes no iota of difference on the scale. I did an entire year of boot camp back in 2008 (3-5 days a week, plus ran on the weekends), and while I did tone up a bit, I didn't lose a lb. Even my instructor noticed, and commented that "I must have really stubborn stores of fat." Thanks, buddy. As if I didn't know!

    Sadly, the ONLY thing that has ever made a bit of difference for me is what I eat. And for PCOS-- that means cutting out most 'bad' carbs (breads, pastas, white rice, processed everything, SUGAR, etc), and eating a high protein and veggie diet. Thankfully, I love good veggies -- I just had to be sure I had enough variety of them to not get bored.

    It was hard to come off the 'good stuff' (carbs + sugar), but man, it paid off -- that year I lost 18 lbs. And honestly, I've never felt better. Didn't have problems with bloating or feeling 'blah' from low energy... and when I did consume sugary things, it would make me feel sick to my stomach--so it would just reinforce that it was 'bad' for me to eat.

    And hey -- when you have really bad days at work or whatever, they do make very good low carb/low sugar ice cream and chocolates... so you're not wholly without a few sweet treats every now and then.

    I say this all to encourage you! It CAN be done, and you CAN do it. Just take it one day at a time, be kind to yourself about it all and give it time (3 weeks or so?) to reflect on the scale, reward yourself w/ non-food 'treat's when you've been good, and remember... this is not only for YOUR best interest (better health!), but it could also have a positive impact on your fertility... and we'll try anything when it comes to that, right??

    Best of luck to you on this endeavor--you can do it!