Friday, October 8, 2010


I know that I have mentioned a few times around these parts that I am getting into photography. I have taken a few classes and do work here and there for friends. I really enjoy being behind the camera.

I started a landscape photography class yesterday and, as the discussion of photography always does, it got me excited. I have found my thing. My passion. That piece of my life that inspires me and makes me want to do something great. That two hours in class did more to break me from my funk than anything else I've been doing the last two whole months. I want to be great at this. I want to talk about photography, travel, absorb myself in subjects of all varieties, and my ultimate goal is to have someone feel something about a piece of work I've created.

I love the books my teacher assigns for class. They're excellent with instruction and methodology, but they also contain beautiful pieces of art. Each picture makes me feel something different, but that's just the thing - they evoke a physical response. That is my goal. I want one day for something I have done to move someone else. Because that is what I feel make a photograph memorable. We've all seen thousands and thousands of pictures in our life, but there are only a few that stick with us. For each of us those few are different.

I'm excited to be this excited.


  1. YAY! I'm excited for you. Photography is something that I've always wanted to try out as well . . .mostly because I'm a huge Disney dork and there are groups of professional photographers that take amazing Disney pictures. I want to be like them!! I can't wait to see your work! You'll show us, right??

  2. Photography is such an amazing outlet. I'm so excited you're excited about this too! :)