Thursday, October 4, 2012

All Clear!

I had my six week check up today and got the sign off from Doc Oc. I've healed up nicely, the ol' ute is back to its original self, and I'm healthy as a horse.

We did talk through my feeling down and he was a great listener, as always. He agreed that we'd had a rough go of it (he was impressed we were still fighting the breast feeding battle) and that my feeling down was probably a natural response to the stress and frustration. We agreed that should it get worse or I feel the need for intervention, that I will call or go back in.

I decided to go on the mini-pill. The IUD comes with a number of risks that we just weren't willing to tackle at the moment. A lot of people have really great experiences with them, but with our history of infertility, combined with my uncertainty, we went another way. We'll see how it goes - I haven't been on the pill in years!

Speaking of the breast feeding battle... we are trudging along. It's two steps forward and a step back. Some times she nurses really well and I think we're moving right along and the next time she is chompy, pulling, I'm sore so I don't let down, and then she throws up. Right now I'm just doing my best, taking my supplements, and trying all the tricks I know to keep things going as smoothly as they can while my boob continues to heel and she gets used to working her tongue.

Tonight has been rough. She was fussy, so I fed her, and she threw up. I say threw up and not spit up because of the sheer volume. But, now I'm empty! Thankfully I had a couple ounces in the fridge from pumping last night and was able to top her off. That staved her off for about 45minutes so I tried to nurse her again. She fell asleep at the boob and that lasted about another 15-20minutes before the next complete meltdown. Have you fed your baby, had them spit it all up and then still be hungry? What do you do? 

We get this fussy time about 6-8 every night. It's so hard to see her so upset and not have a good solution. A sweet friend recommended bath time and that has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Does your baby have a 'witching hour'? What are your tricks for bringing them around?

I'm off to take my turn at soothing the babe. G'night!


  1. The vacuum. Seriously. There was a month or two there where from 6-8 we would alternate just leaving the vacuum running next to her, giving her a bath, or swaddling her up TIGHT and holding her in our laps while we bounced on the exercise ball. Those 3 things in rotation saved our sanity!

    Stella puked a LOT LOT LOT for a long time. We burped more often, had her inclined after feeding to help gravity keep the food down, and if she still puked, I'd just let her nurse again. It will resolve's just frustrating in the meantime. Hang in there Sarah!

  2. We also have baby melt downs in the evenings. Tight swaddling helps...most of the time she is over tired so that works. Extra burping in the evening helps too. We actually watched the happiest baby on the block video and it has helped us know what to do to sooth her.

  3. Yes!! We just went through the same thing!! Around 7-8 weeks he started to get extremely fussy from 7-9. The only thing that helped was running the water in the bathroom. Not sure if you've heard about the wonder weeks. If you haven't, google it. I think that's what was going on with us. He's 12 weeks now and the witching hours are gone! It gets better!! Hang in there!! Breastfeeding gets better too!!

  4. Yes we had a total witching hour, too. For us, it was about week 5.5-8.5 or 9. She would just start screaming. The bath helped us big time. As soon as she got fussy, into the tub she went. I read once that at this age, they are becoming aware of upset tummies, spitting up, gassies, etc, the kind of thing they didn't recognize when they were first born and sleepy. Find what works and stick to it, and before you know it, it will be better. Babies spit up for reasons, even if it's annoying. I promise she isn't spitting up an ENTIRE feeding, even if it feels that way.