Monday, October 8, 2012

Finding our stride.

I feel like Lily and I are finding our breast feeding stride. It isn't perfect yet - my nipple still isn't completely healed, and she doesn't always have the best latch, but we're getting there. I've been exclusively breast feeding for a week now. My confidence has wavered a few times. She has spit up more than I'd like at times and she's been going through a growth spurt that's left her feeling less than satiated some evenings, but all-in-all, we're doing it!

I have been a little stressed about whether or not she's gaining weight. I almost bought a baby scale to make me feel better, but I've tried just not to think about it. I've got to stop stressing the details now that things are going a bit better. She's peeing and pooping, so I've got to have faith that all else is working itself out.

This morning we had a bit of an 'episode' I'll call it. She was falling asleep at the boob when she started to spit up, I think it caught her off guard a bit and caused her to cough it up. In the spit up was spots of blood (red) and it startled me quite a bit. She otherwise seemed fine and was asking to nurse a minute later. A few hours later I nursed again and this time it wasn't spots, but about 20 minutes after I nursed, there was clotty chunks of blood.

I kind of freaked out for a minute, but checked over what I knew - she'd had the frenotomy last week, but looking in her mouth the site was good and she had no other marks. She's been a little sleepy and I've had a cold - maybe she caught that? Reaction to something I've taken or eaten?

I called the pediatrician and got an appointment for the afternoon and we laid low. I chatted with my contacts, including my lactation consultant. While we talked through the details (was I bleeding? How was she acting? etc) we landed on the fact that she probably burst a blood vessel when she coughed up her breakfast. Fast forward to out appointment - confirmed - thank goodness! Before could even tell him too much, he described how it's really easy for something like that to happen and it will quickly clot. Which explains why it was clotty the second time. He gave her a good once over and declared her perfectly fine. Phew!

I swear, this child is going to give me a heart attack before she can even sit up on her own.

The silver lining though - it wasn't breast feeding this time! lol

Bigger silver lining? He weighed her - 11 pounds 13 ounces. That's a gain of 13 ounces in 13 days!

I gave myself a quiet little pat on the back for sticking to it. Even with the ups and downs, we're doing our best and we haven't given up just yet. Let's just hope the trend continues and this week is better than the last.


  1. So glad things are working out! I have a fear of not being able to nurse and really have my hopes set on at least a year of feeing through nursing.
    We’ve thought about not even buying formula in preparation for her arrival in December, but I have that lingering fear of something going wrong.

    To top it off, we’re in a foreign country, so I’m unsure about the brands/quality of the formula sold here. I’m praying everything will go smoothly and even though it took my body so long to get pregnant, that now that it is pregnant, it becomes a ready-made milk machine!

  2. She is gaining weight like a champ!! I know it's easier said than done, but REALLY try not to worry about if she is getting enough. She obviously is! I'm glad you guys are finding your groove. If she seems a little fussy/unsatisfied, let her nurse again - it's the only way for your body to know that it needs to start making more. Let nature take its course...your body will provide. :)

    Scary about the blood in her spit-up, thank goodness it was nothing serious!

  3. I'm still worrying if N is gaining enough and he is 9 months old now! One thing that really helped me worry less was to try to go to some breastfeeding weight checks. In our area the local hospital and a Walgreens store both have them for free every week.