Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A 'positive' step.

Last night was my first ever, no doubt about it, positive OPK. 15 seconds after the little test was dipped into my pink cup of urine, two lines started to form. The test line already forming darker than the control.

When I took the test I was really tired. I had a busy day, been to the gym, walked the dog, etc. I was beat. J and I joked before I took the test that today would be the day I'd get a positive because the last thing I felt like doing was rolling around in the sheets. Sure enough! Boy did I perk up in a hurry. "We get to do it!!?" Was J's reaction. lol

Monday was my first day in a long time, probably almost a year, where I had serious EWCM. Gobs of it! (Lovely, I know.)

Needless to say it was a couple of very exciting evenings for me. Granted there is never any guarantees, but I feel like we are finally making progress. Two positive steps, two days in a row.

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