Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Busy December

December is proving to be quite a busy month.

It all started back in August. It was a busy month, especially with J hurting himself (Chainsaw Disaster 2009). Because we were not able to accomplish a lot, we pushed everything off until September. Well, September came and we addressed most of the things we'd put off, but had to push September's tasks on to October, etc, etc. Now as you can see it is December. Officially the "Holiday Season". Thankfully our downstairs is pretty much finished and we're basically caught up.

As things pop up in the future (incoming birthday party, bridal shower invites, etc) I add them to my planner. Either I write them in or add a brightly colored post-it. I don't typically pay too much attention to what's going on, except to make sure we're not already busy, until that month is actually upon us. So, I was feeling much better until I opened up my trusty planner this morning to 'December'.

We are basically booked solid until February. Yup, you read that right. We have plans every single weekend until the last weekend in January. The only exception to this rule is Christmas weekend. The only reason we don't have plans then is because my Mom's 50th is coming up and we haven't nailed down our exact plan.

This weekend we have a tree-lighting ceremony in the mountains on Saturday (overnight) and I have a bridal shower to attend on Sunday. Next weekend - Saturday we're getting a Christmas tree, attending a first birthday party, and it is girls night (I'm uber stoked about this!), and Sunday we've got to prep the house (ie - decorate and clean like crazy) because the following weekend is our Christmas party! That leads us to the two holiday weekends, then a wedding, and two weekends in a row that we'll be away.

Thankfully all of the stuff we have planned is fun. We're spending good quality time with our friends and family. However, it did make my eyes roll back in my head to be hit in the face with it like that.

I really hope that everyone else has a holiday season planned filled with fun, family, and friends.

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