Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chainsaw = 2, J = 0

J had a bit of an accident at work today. He was cutting through a pole and his left hand slipped and hit the blade of his running chainsaw.

I got a phone call just after 10:00 and here is how he said hello, 'If I were to need to go to the hospital, which one should I go to?' (we have new insurance this year, so he wanted to be sure.) I was like 'WHAT?!' He tried to make me feel better, but a statement like, 'Don't worry, I cut my fingers with a chainsaw, but the paramedics don't think I will lose them or anything.' isn't going to help matters!

When I got to the ER he was already cleaned up and the doctor was starting to stitch him up. His index finger got a big gash, but it is a clean slice. So, although it is deep and nasty, it was stitched together without too much to-do. His middle finger isn't fairing quite as well. It looks like... well, it looks like it got chewed up by a chainsaw. The doctor used the term 'jigsaw puzzle' and I thought that was pretty fitting. There is very little skin left. R asked if it looked like bloody meat chunks ::GAG:: and I thought that was pretty fitting.

Tomorrow morning we have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to get it checked out. Because there is still so much fatty tissue exposed he may need to have a graph.

J has been in really good spirits. The joke now is that if he needs a graph that I hope they take the skin from his ass. It would just be good funny to know that he'll be scratching his face with his ass. Or scratching his ass with his ass. lol.

Thank you to those that sent us prayers. We truly appreciate it.


  1. That had to be so scary! I'm glad he's ok, relatively speaking.

  2. I have been through accidents similar with my father and other loved ones. Sometimes its worse being the one on the sidelines NOT knowing what the other person is feeling and how bad it really is. I'm so glad he is okay! I will continue to keep him (and you) in my thoughts and prayers and hope that all the ass graphing goes "smoothly". I wonder what having an ass finger print will look like and if he will have a hairy finger now? bwahahaha