Saturday, August 29, 2009

"When are you two having kids?"

OMFG. Seriously people, you need to stop with this question. The subject comes up at LEAST 3-5 times per week, perhaps more now that J is the only guy on his crew without kids (the only other guy had a baby 3 weeks ago). Today alone this came up 6 times. SIX. Because no one IRL (except R&T) know we're trying, we keep playing it off. "I thought for sure you two would be pregnant by now!" Ugh, me too... me too.

So, I've come up with an idea. The Baby Jar. It will be like the Cuss Jar (every time you swear you've got to put in $1) except that each time someone asks us when we're having kids, they have to put in $1. We'll have money for childcare in no time!

What compels people to ask this question? It is none of your business when my husband and I begin bumping uglies with a hidden agenda. It is not your business why we don't have kids now. It is not your business when/if we're trying. But, all of that aside you have no idea if that couple has been trying for what feels like forever and your constantly bringing it up does nothing but make them feel failure. Especially as you're holding your adorable nephew knowing that if you'd been successful in the beginning, you'd have had one a couple months older than him. Part of me knows they're asking because they care and generally are excited for us. But, the other part wants me to shake them, demand they stop with the never ending inquisition, and shout 'For the love of Jebus, I'm TRYING!'

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