Monday, August 24, 2009

Last day at 24.

Tomorrow is the 25th and I will be 25. Yup, it is my golden/lucky/champagne birthday! Thus, today is the 24th and my last day of being 24.

I've decided not to do anything major for my birthday. Mostly because our weekends before and after are filled with other things. Not much exciting can be done on a Tuesday. I love celebrating other peoples birthdays, but generally there is always something happening around mine that means I get kind of set aside. The last big birthday party I had was probably my 21st. No one really makes much mention of it. It used to upset me, but now I guess I'm kind of used to it. It usually ends up in J and I having dinner with my mom and sister and that sounds A-OK to me.

Tomorrow I have to work, but my whole management team is volunteering for half of the day. We are going to a local city hall and planting a rose garden. The weather is supposed to be decent too, so I'm excited! Our company is doing a Week of Service and there were a dozen or so events to pick from if you wanted to participate. We decided to do this as sort of a team building event. I volunteer quite a bit, but my team typically doesn't do much, so I'm happy they're getting into it. It should be fun!

Afterward I'm going to leave work early and I'm thinking about going to get my hair cut. (My friend usually cuts it, but I think she's still out of town and she lives about an hour and a half away.) J and I are talking about going for pedicures too. It would be his first one! We've still not settled on dinner plans, but I'm thinking steak. So tomorrow should be a really good day.

24 was an interesting year. There are definitely things I would have liked to have panned out differently. But, overall I'm very lucky. I'm healthy, in fact I weigh the lowest I have in about 6 years (196.7 yesterday! WOOT!). J and I are better than ever, my heart just swells I'm so lucky. My family has grown and for the most part we're all doing well. I have a solid job and we are debt free (with the exception of one car and our mortgages of course) with a little bit in savings to boot. There are so many blessings in my life. I will enjoy reflecting on the last year today. But tomorrow... tomorrow I will be glad for a fresh start. I look forward to 25 and all that it will bring.

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