Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'll fess up, I'm a slacker.

I haven't posted in quite a few days and I didn't even show up this weekend with measurements like I promised. Do you know who we can blame?


We can blame her for just about everything though. AF decided that she couldn't live without me on Valentine's Day, so she decided to pay me (another) visit. She's a clingy bitch like that. Because she has a tendency to over pack, I was left with major bloat and water retention. Peeps, my scale went up 3lbs in a day. Not to mention the awful cramps and nausea I had on Monday. Even J said, "Are you okay? Your face looks a little puffy..." Greeeaaat.

I am deflating a bit and should be able to have some numbers for you this Friday.

J and his boys are having a guys weekend, that they have lovingly named Man Camp 2011. Each of them are SO excited. They have a weekend away from wives and girlfriends (and a daughter, one is a single dad), in the woods, in a cabin, with bad food, beer, bonfires, beer, and I'm sure a good amount of foul language and discussion of bodily functions, just for good measure.

Us girls on the other hand are a bit more civilized. (don't laugh!) Friday night I am flying solo. I have an interview that day and plan to come home and veg for the evening. Maybe I'll have a friend over for a movie night or something. All I know is that there will be pj's and snuggling with my pups. Saturday night we are turning it on. The 5 of us have Pricelined a room in Downtown Seattle. We're meeting there in the late afternoon to get all dolled up. (Folks, if you could just see my new Banana Republic dress, just waiting for me to tear the tags... love it!) We're going out to a late dinner, having drinks and going dancing, and then crashing at a fancy hotel for the night. The next morning it is brunch and home before the boys stumble home smelling like farts and campfire.

Ever since I started my diet I have been dreading this weekend. How will I behave? Now that it is here, I cannot believe I was thinking of backing out. I love these girls. Any weight gain (not that there will be!) would be worth it for quality time with them.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?


  1. I keep meaning to comment and then I forget because I don't have as much blogging related time now at my new job! Did I even thank you for posting your meal plan? (thank you!) I've been reading though and you're doing fabulous! Don't worry about the slacking you're just living your life :-) I hope you have amazing weekend! I will be leaving for Florida so I am looking forward to the weekend as well!!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Have fun and good luck on your interview!