Friday, February 4, 2011

Meal Plan

As requested, I will run you through what my meals look like in a typical day...

Breakfast Options:
*Shake - made with a large scoop of a vanilla protein shake, blueberries, strawberries, and ice/water

*Egg white omelet - including a lean protein (chicken or turkey), and veggies (bell pepper and onion) personally I'm not a huge fan of egg whites, so I've only done this a couple of times.

Veggies (celery sticks, cucumbers, bell peppers

*Wasa crackers and pico de gallo


Salad - mixed greens and whatever I'm feeling that day (or have in the refrigerator); cucumbers, grape tomatoes, radish, bell peppers, and/or sprouts - no dressing for me, so I will alternate between different vinegars and a mustard/splenda combo that a nice waitress told me about (don't knock it - delish! compared to plain salad).

*Lean protein (shrimp, turkey, chicken, white fish halibut/cod) either on the side, or in the salad if I'm feeling frisky.

Shake before the gym

A protein (as described above) - I can have red meat or pork occasionally, so I might switch that in here or there

*Flat Out - I can have one of these a day. Most of the time I eat it with dinner and make a wrap out of whatever I happen to be eating.

*Veggies - asparagus, broccoli, etc

I have been trying to cook my lunch meats ahead of time. One of my favorite lunches is fajita filling. Taking a couple of chicken breast, I cut it into strips, seasoning it with taco seasoning and salt/pepper. I bake them on a cookie sheet along with cut up strips of bell pepper and onion. I cook enough of them to split up into containers that cover lunch for a few days. Cooking in bulk has saved me from having to decide last minute what I am going to eat. Eliminating the risk that I will choose something unhealthy.

But really, it's a lot of salad.

Lastly, and what I feel is most important, is the water. Lots of it. The only day I haven't recorded a loss is when I didn't meet my water expectations. Doc says that at a minimum we should drink a third of our weight in oz each day. When I got started I weighed 201lbs, that means I need to drink a minimum of 67oz a day (201/3). For simplicity I call it 70oz, even as I lose weight. The hardest part is remembering it throughout the day. I drink a pretty good amount of water anyway, but it is helping me be more consistent.

I know this wasn't a glamorous recipe book and I apologize for that. But, honestly, I really haven't done anything too fancy. I am going to start looking up different recipes and as I try something new that I enjoy, I will be sure and share it here.

Please feel free to ask if you have any additional questions. I'm happy to share my experience.

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  1. I know how getting all the water is a pain!! Keep it up!! Eating lean meats, fruits and vegetables sure do help!! I always loved the weight I shed eating that way!