Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diet Fail

Today was not a good day for my diet. It didn't start off bad. After sleeping in, I had my usual smoothly for breakfast. After that we had some errands to run. One of those errands included stopping by Kohl's because the jeans I have are getting pretty loose.

Folks, I was able to put on and button a pair of 12's! I admit it wasn't the sexiest look - the camel toe and decent sized muffin top left a liiittle to be desired, but did I mention they were both ON and BUTTONED!? Happiness is found in these little moments. Next time, I'm buying them!

After our running around it was time for lunch. We were with J's dad and ate out at a local restaurant. I thought I did well by ordering a grilled chicken breast and broccoli. Except the broccoli was drenched in delicious butter. Here's the thing - I was starving so I ate it anyway. Oops! I kicked myself once it was gone. But, it was SO delicious. So was the half a roll I shared with J. Double oops!

Next came dinner with for my sisters birthday. Her 21st birthday! That meant we started the meal with a shot of tequila. I ordered fairly well by getting a chicken taco salad with no cheese and pico de gallo instead of dressing. Except the beans on my sisters plate called my name a few times. I ate the whole salad. I'm fairly sure it was about twice the amount of chicken I should have had. And who knows what the salt content was. Yikes!

We ended up at a friends house for the remainder of the evening where the boys ordered pizza. I stole a small bite of J's slice. That led to another two small bites. I basically ate a slice of pizza. Craaaaaaap.

On their own these little things aren't a huge deal, but they probably add up to quite a few hundred calories by the end of the day! All things considered for a cheat day, I probably could have done worse, but the guilt is pretty heavy at the moment. To pay for my debts, I will definitely be visiting the gym tomorrow morning.

Especially since there is a Super Bowl party in my future. Please pray that I can keep my strength and willpower!


  1. For it being a cheat day that included your sister's 21st birthday, I think you did AMAZING.

    Yes, you ate a few hundred extra calories. BUT

    (1) You were CONSCIOUS of the food you were eating. That's a huge battle won - the reason we gain weight is the mindless eating, and you definitely weren't mindless.

    (2) You know that working out MORE will help negate the eating more. (a) eating well + (b) working out = (c) weight loss. Follow through with working out EXTRA, and I would say that yesterday was actually a success. You learned something. You were mindful. You're going to make steps to correct the mistakes of yesterday.

    Hang in there - you're inspiring me to get back at this! Stay AWAY from the mindless consumption of Super Bowl appetizers today. DON'T stand by the counter and eat while you chat - that's always what gets me! Have a piece of gum in. Have a glass of water in your hand. You can do this!

  2. Josey - I want you to know that I read this yesterday morning and it made me so happy! Thank you for giving me some much needed perspective. I didn't do SUPER well (no pun intended) with the Super Bowl party, but it could have been worse. I've just got to work harder to make up the little ground I lost. I've got to stop beating myself up over small setbacks. It's all a part of the journey!