Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have just started my fourth day on Metformin. Let me tell you that days 2 and 3 were a bit of a doozie. Firstly, thank you to those that left comments about your experiences. I am going to make sure I take my doses mid-meal, avoid sugary foods, etc.

I am definitely going to have to be more choosy about what I consume. I met a dear friend for happy hour last night to talk through her man-troubles. I had a glass of red wine and before I even finished it, my stomach was bloated and gurgling. When I left it was full-blown pissed off. I had such rancid gas that I was giving my dog a run for her money (and she's been through a poo-eating phase!). The stomach cramps and bloat were equally as awful. In fact, this morning I am still bloated.

The plan is to watch/balance my carb and sugar intake. I've got to get this under control before I can move one to the increased dosage (and then do that again for the next step).

This is the first medicine I've been given that has given me any real side effects. My thoughts? This is for the birds.


  1. When I first started the medicine, it did that to me. After a couple of weeks, things regulated and I no longer had to locate every bathroom as soon as I walked into an establishment.

    I will tell you a couple of things about my experience with metformin: I have NO cysts on my ovaries. The last time I went to the doctor, they were completely clean. It hasn't helped me lose weight, but I haven't gained any, either. It definitely makes me feel normal hunger pains (instead of being starving ALL the time) AND hair growth on my face has slowed down quite a bit.

    I'm also pretty sure I started ovulating on my own--though I'm not sure I can credit metformin with that. I'm going to consider that Divine Intervention.

  2. The best thing I did was what my mother suggested with metformin - take the pills with some metamucil psyllium husk pills. It actually made it so I had no tummy troubles the last time I tried it (I went off of it before because the first week was horrible even on the lowest dose). Once I took those metamucil psyllium husk pills with the metformin dose I was much better.

  3. I should have mentioned that avoiding alcohol is advisable! It kills me!

  4. I so know how that goes. I LOVE cheese and it kills me. Don't cut everything you love, but maybe limit it.

    Metformin sucks ass. I have been on it a long time and have not mastered it. But others have...sooooo....