Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dreams (again)

We've talked about my baby related dreams before and I always find a little comfort in them. Last night was no different.

The whole theme of the dream was a little stressful - we were running from someone/something. It was one of those dreams where the setting changed/morphed from time to time. We were at some sort of challenge (think Warrior Dash or a race) and then we were on top of a train and being chased by men on horses.

Why would I take comfort in that?

Because I had a little boy. He was blond (like both of his parents when they were little) and probably about 2-3 years old (coincidence?). When we were at the race, he was running around naked until I caught him, tickled him, and wrestled his clothes back on. (my mom had to do this for me a time or two when I was a wee one....) On the train it was evening, we were with a group of people and others with children, and the kids were winding down. That was my favorite part. I was sitting down crossed-legged and my little boy was sitting in my lap dozing. My head rested on top of his, smelling his hair.

I can still feel that feeling. That heart swelling, sigh of happiness, warm and fuzzy feeling. We may have missed the boat this month, but I'm happy to feel ready to pursue that dream again.

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  1. That sounds like some dream. I have had no baby dreams which I think is strange. I am so glad that you are ready and willing to get back in the saddle. I am pulling for you!