Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Look

What do you think? It is certainly simpler than I had before, but I woke up feeling like I needed a freshening up! I'm only mildly obsessed with the chevron pattern and the combination of gray and green (or gray and anything...).

I'd love to get your feedback! I still have a few more changes I would like to make. There will be more pictures coming soon, I hope. lol

Is there anything you'd like to see?

However, I am done for today. It is a gloomy fall day here in the Pacific Northwest. I am going to snuggle with my husband, make stew for dinner, and read a good book. The rest of my chores can wait until tomorrow.


  1. I like it! :) But I dont think I can see all of it, which Im afraid is the problem with my blog look too! I can't see the black damask pattern and teal ribbon on mine. And I can only see a small bit of yours. Hmmm, maybe it's just my computer :)

  2. Love it....I want a chevron rug just like your background....gorg color!!! Xo

  3. I like it! I think you should make your bird green, too. :)

  4. Love it. I also took my blog to a simpler look. I was getting tired of the "busy-ness" of my look. I'm all about simple right now. I also like the gray/green combo. Classy and sophisticated.

  5. Thanks, all!
    @Jess - I tried to make my bird green! I couldn't figure out how. Anyone know??