Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Break = No ICLW

I decided that since this was our first full month on our much need baby-making-break, that I would also opt-out of ICLW for September. I am having mixed feelings now that I see it kicking off.

I love all of the blogs and people I've had the opportunity to meet through the last few months of ICLW. Each of you has a slightly different story, but essentially we're in the same preverbial boat. However, since we're on a 'break' I don't really have to much of any substance to share right now. Ultimately I have decided not to participate. The attention, love, prayers, etc can go to those in the list that need it right this minute.

So, while I have decided not to actively participate, I still plan to drop by those that have given me love and/or become a follower of this blog just to say hello, give e-hugs, and deliver positive vibes.

Happy ICLW! I hope that those participating find the support and community they are looking for.


  1. I know the feeling! I decided this month to not do ICLW at all, although I wish we were taking a TTC break!! Sometimes it's well needed, that's for sure!

  2. We're taking a TTC break as well, self imposed at the moment. Last month I didn't do ICLW, but I did do it this month.