Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eating Out

I'm struggling with how to integrate myself into public eating. How do I accomplish that and still follow my strict eating plan? Not like I can just walk into Red Robin and pick something from the 'light' menu. I looked at their nutrition information thinking there has to be a couple of things on the menu I could eat, right? lol - yeah right.

The Ensenada Chicken Platter - it is a couple of seasoned chicken breasts with a side salad. Sounds perfect, right? I thought so too.


Sorry for the yelling, but sweet baby Jesus in a manger, are you serious!?

We are seeing a movie with friends today and their text to ask if we wanted to do lunch first is causing me stress. Am I going to be a homebody for 5 more weeks? Do I need to eat first and watch everyone else eat burgers and fries? I'm worried that if I start fudging the lines and 'cheating' here and there that it will just be a slippery slope.

I'll need to figure this out because I've got my baby sister's 21st birthday coming up, as well as girls weekend at the end of February. Yikes. I think I'm in trouble folks.

We'll see how this day shakes out.

**ETA - Lunch went okay today. RR now has a Simple Grilled Chicken Salad and when you get it with no bread, dressing, or cheese it is about 220 calories! FYI should you be in my boat in the future. Even if you got light dressing, that would be very reasonable. Thank you for the suggestions and encouragement. I appreciate it!


  1. They sure don't make it easy to eat healthy. Can you suggest a different spot for lunch? Maybe one where you have a bit more control?

  2. Whenever trying to eat healthy, my downfall was always eating out. Perhaps you can suggest a healthy place to grab a bite like a sandwich shop?

  3. I have to be super picky and order everything plain, no butter, cheese, bread, everything on the side. But it works. Hang in there. You'll find you can control it as much as you can.

  4. I rarely rarely go out to eat anymore...ever and I have just a few places I will go. I have thought about carrying my own dressing so I can have more places I can eat by getting simple salads but usually its spur of the moment and I don't have dressing with me that I need to eat I starve. LOL

    BTW..I nominated you for a blog award. check it out.