Friday, January 28, 2011

McSkinny Friday

Yesterday I had my first weekly weigh in with Dr.T. It didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped, weight wise. But as she pointed out, when I weighed in I'd eaten two meals, drank my days worth of water, and I hadn't :ahem: gone to the bathroom... you get the idea. I'm full of it. (aren't you so glad you stopped by?) The first time I weighed in (last week) it was first thing in the morning and I'd not eaten much for the day. All I'm saying here is that it decreases the spread a bit. Now that I'm done making excuses... lol

Official weigh in: 197.00
(unofficial weight on my scale this morning - 194.1!)

That's exactly 4 lbs from my starting weight and 7lbs since the beginning of the month. I'll take it! 4lbs a week will still get me pretty damn close to my 25lb goal at the end of this 6 weeks.

Doc and I talked through managing some of the rough patches. A couple of times this week I've felt like crap. Especially so after my workouts Wednesday and Monday afternoon. She confirmed that I am more active than most folks that participate and that if I'm feeling that run down, I can add almost another full meal. At least some protein, if not a veggie too. I felt better and less like I would be 'cheating' if I really needed it. She reminded me that the first week is almost like a cleanse for my body since I've ditched so many things that aren't great for me. That I need to be patient and ride this week out - that it will get better. I appreciate knowing it won't last throughout the full six weeks. I also got the approval for a couple of food items that aren't on The List so that I can mix up the meals a bit. Yay! That was a big relief to me. I feel much better with this little bit of flexibility. Much more confident that I can actually do this.

Acupuncture was great! We had another wonderful conversation. He's a really good listener and has given me some great food for thought regarding both my fertility and managing my stress. He's very insightful. The actual treatment itself was a step up from last time. A couple of them did hurt a little bit. Nothing bad, but they stung for a few seconds. I would still hugely recommend it, especially for any of my fellow IF'ers out there.

Other than our conversation, the nap I get to have during my treatment is my favorite part. By that I mean it is awesome. I even told him that when he wasn't looking I was going to wheel his heat lamp out to my car. That thing is fantastic. All week I will be looking forward to next weeks snooze under that thing. It was love at first nap.

We didn't take measurements this week, so I will have to bust out the measuring tape this weekend and see what we come up with. I think we can officially call Week 1 (which was only half a week even) a success! I'm already starting to see a difference in how my pants fit!

P.S. I was asked about meal planning and what I eating these days. ::Waves to Mrs. Joe!:: I will put some things together and post about that soon!


  1. I love the naps I get at Acupuncture! Glad you also enjoy it!!! Way to go on the weight loss!!!

  2. ::Waves back:: Can't wait to hear about it! Good work!!