Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tomorrow is weigh in...

...with Dr. T. And can I tell you something? I'm EXCITED.

I cannot wait to share my results with you all. Week one overall has been a great success. Has it been easy? Oh, hell no. I had a hyperventilating moment of panic on Monday. How can I do this for SIX WEEKS!? But I did some shopping, some creative meal planning and most importantly - put on my big girl panties and got the hell over it.

Because folks, the point here is that I need to lose weight. And the question I will continue to ask myself is - Is six weeks of sacrifice and discipline worth it?? And the answer, every time, is 'yes'.

The hardest parts have been struggling with what feels like a lack of variety. I'm not big on eating the same thing every day. So I've been focusing more on switching things up a bit. My doc said if there were any additional foods outside of the list that I had questions about including, to write it down or take a picture of the label and bring it to our weekly visit. I've got a couple of items to ask about that will really help me shake things up a bit. I can do this. Right? Right.


J has been pretty great through this whole thing. I've worked hard to plan dinners (our only meal together) that work for the both of us. Adapting my limited choices to his tastes (thankfully he isn't picky!). The other night I was in a bit of a hurry and just steaming some frozen mixed veggies. But, there were carrots in the mixed veggies and they are not on my approved list. What did Jeremy do? He went through and picked them all out. He's trying so hard to say the right things and be supportive without being pushy. I imagine that it is hard for him to know what to say or do since he's been Captain Skinny Pants his whole life. I am very grateful for his efforts.

Any bets with what the scale will say tomorrow at the doc? Remember that last week I was 201.

Here's to hoping that the later part of week 1 is easier on the soul than the first half. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck!! No matter what the scale says tomorrow you are clearly on your way to skinny!!! Any plans to include your meal plans? I'm curious to see what's for dinner :-)