Friday, January 21, 2011

McSkinny Fridays

I don't like to conform, so 'McFatty Monday's' were out of the question. I'm also not a fan of the whole 'fatty' part of that equation anyway. As a result I'm taking a bit of a more positive approach. Plus, that word isn't going to apply to me anymore, right? So, let's just ditch it from the get go.

For at least the next six weeks I am going to be reporting my stats. Feel free to drop in an check 'em out. If you're also fighting the good fight, I'd like to encourage you to comment so that I can follow your progress as well. Accountability and support is where it's at!

Here goes nothing. Close your eyes and the page if you're squeamish. lol Okay, okay, their not that bad...

Weight: 201 lbs (again.... ugh)
I would like to give myself a bit of credit here because this was after breakfast and fully clothed!

Arm: 14
Bust: 41.25
Chest: 36.5
Waist: 34.25
Hip: 46.75
Thigh: 29.25
Calf: 16.75
(all measurements are in inches - unfortunately)

BMI: 32.5 (for reals?! that's gotta drop asap!)

There you have it, my dear friends, the start. Let's just hope those numbers are a distant memory in a couple of months.

Peace, love, and smaller hips,

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  1. Rootin' for you and your HCG plan! You can do it!