Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Appointment Made...

And this one is not with a doctor that would probably recognize my vagina before my face.


On Monday, December 5th, I am meeting with a college adviser! I need to round up my transcripts and bring them along and we'll talk through a game plan.

Holy crap.



That basically wraps up what I am feeling right about now. I had a minor panic attack today when faced with housework and thought - ZOMG, this crap doesn't get done when I am home and now I want to add school!? Jeremy assured me that school was much more important than dusting the molding and vacuuming the stairs. I assured him that the second I get into school - I am scheduling a housekeeper. End of story!

The only way I can focus on something like this is to know I have one or two other things off of my plate. And why shouldn't scrubbing the shitter be one of them? The next item I am going to work on is getting some meals in the freezer and increasing the list of things J can cook.

Also, between now and starting school I need to refocus on 'right sizing' my life. Shedding extra crap, purging what we don't need, etc. As my acupuncturist explained once, how can we left something big into our lives if we don't have room for what we have. This applies physically and mentally of course.

Me, back in school. Like WHOA.


  1. Whoa is right! But very exciting!!! Good luck! I was laughing so hard at the opening line of this post :) hahahhaha

  2. You have been nominated for a blogging award! Yay!

  3. Wow! Good for you. I hope it all goes as you hope and you can still find time in the sack for some baby making time!

  4. This is awesome!!!