Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It could be an amazing, amazing, day.

One of my very best friends, in all of the universe, might be blessed with children today.

She and her husband have struggled to make their family. They've said goodbye to two children who were born too soon and we miss those beautiful angels every single day. They are a couple of the bravest people I have ever met. They've faced these unthinkable obstacles and manage to still bring beauty to this crappy world. She's the first person in line to hold my hand when I'm sad. The first person to give an encouraging word to someone in need. To send love and care to everyone else.

They've just recently (as in last week) completed their certification for foster-to-adopt. Guess what call they received? They may have a placement today.

Holy Crap!

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. These two are going to be phenomenal parents. These children they are going to bring into their lives are so incredibly fortunate. I love them with all of my heart and cannot wait to see joy and love fill their home.

This is what I am thankful for today. Hope. Love. And all things completely awesome.


  1. How amazing! Will say a prayer for your friends :)

  2. That is so great, congrats to them.

  3. Oh how very exciting! Yay for them!

  4. As a fellow fost-adopt mommy, this post brings back so many memories of when the call for our daughter came. Congrats to your friends!

  5. Gosh and now I'm crying! I'm glad I didn't read this last week... I would have lost my cool. And thanks everyone for the good thoughts! My kids are fast asleep <3