Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ask an You Shall Receive

Here's how yesterday went down...

Doc Oc (he really looks like the Spidey villain): How are you feeling?

Me: Pretty good actually, besides a bad cold Im getting over.

Doc Oc: That's good

Me: Part of me feels like I should be sicker. When does that start?

Doc Oc: Actually, right at about 6 weeks your hormones will start going crazy and you may see moodiness, breast soreness exceeding pms, and break outs (check x3!). Between 6 and 7 weeks you'll be getting a surge of progesterone and that's when the fun will start. Let me know if it gets too bad.

Me: Roger that good sir.

We talk next appointment and shortly we are on our merry way. On the way home we decide to stop at Target. I'd been given a granola bar after she took 96 gallons of my blood, so I thought I'd be fine.


About 5 minutes in to our shopping excursion I could physically feel my blood sugar drop. Instantly I felt like crap. Almost sweaty, hungry, and a very mild panicky feeling. Really wee babe? Less than 2 hours after I ask? I see you have your mothers sense of humor.

I ate at home and felt some relief, but really haven't been the same since. This morning was especially  rough, and I could barely get through a piece of toast.

As sadistic as it sounds, I'm relieved. You always hear, 'the sicker the better', so in the back if my mind I could shake the thought that something was wrong because I felt okay. While I probably wont skip through the park, I'm grateful.

Tonight I am shopping for good healthy snacks so that I will always have something on hand. Let the games begin!

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  1. I barfed just about every day before 28 (ish) weeks. I hate barfing more than anything, but I welcomed it knowing that something must going right! Hope you have just the right level of barfiness to keep you from worry!

  2. If you start getting bad nausea, lemonhead candies helped me a little!

  3. Food is the only thing that helps MS. I had it bad with my last pregnancy even thought I MC. The trick is to never be hungry. It took me a few weeks to learn how to handle it. I just started throwing carbs down my throat as soon as that feeling hit and it helped. Goldfish crackers and eggo mini pancakes worked best for me. It is hard to eat when you feel that way, but food is the only thing that will make you feel better!