Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Upcoming Appointment

We are really starting to look forward to our first appointment on Monday. I am preparing my list of questions and J has even come up with some. I know that it is a bit early to expect a heartbeat, but secretly I am hoping we do. We could really use the pick-me-up this go round.

I have a question for you seasoned pros - what questions should I be sure and ask Dr. Oc.? I feel like there is so much more I should be asking and I can't think of anything else!

Also, I am having entirely too much fun gathering ideas on Pinterest. If you happen to be obsessed like me, come by and pay me a visit! I'd love to follow some more awesome peeps.


  1. Soooo, it may be a little early for this, but, names?! I can't get enough of them myself. I found this website, and now I have added to my super long list of faves. Just had to share, thought you might like that.

  2. The link is directly to my boards. Searching 'himplusme' under users is probably easiest.

    Brittany, we talk names constantly. Thanks for the site! Have you seen Suggests names based on what you like.

  3. So I just got on and now I'm addicted. We are having problems agreeing on girls names.

  4. Us too! Girl names are tricky!

  5. I don't know how anxious you are about things like this, but I would ask for a list of things that are okay for you to eat. I spent so much time on the internet looking up foods and having a panic attack after I ate something.